Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms: News Bulletin for October 11, 2013

Natural Health News BulletinPeople who suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome are desperate for help. Unfortunately, many conventional doctors have little to offer their CFS patients other than prescription medications to combat their symptoms such as pain relievers and antidepressant drugs. But there is hope for the chronic fatigue sufferer. Natural health proponents have uncovered effective remedies that can help reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

6 Steps to Beating Chronic Fatigue with Natural Remedies

NaturalNews.com reports 6 powerful supplements that help fight chronic fatigue syndrome:

1)      Vitamin B12 and B complex vitamins. B vitamins play a critical role in beating chronic fatigue because the body uses them to metabolize energy. And since many people today suffer from B vitamin deficiency anemia, supplementing with B complex vitamins, and vitamin B12 in particular, can make all the difference in alleviating tiredness and sustaining high energy levels.

2)      Trace minerals and concentrated mineral drops. Mineral deficiency is another common cause of chronic fatigue, as a mineral-deficient body lacks the ability to effectively regenerate cells and produce adequate energy. This is why regularly consuming the full spectrum of ionic trace minerals, which includes nutrients like magnesium, chromium, iron, and zinc, is vitally important for treating chronic fatigue.

3)      Bee pollen. Considered by many to be the “perfect food,” as it has a unique balance of beneficial enzymes, protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, bee pollen is another excellent option for those who struggle with chronic fatigue. The synchronistic effect of bee pollen’s multitude of nutrients can help alleviate both physical and intellectual tiredness, and provide lasting energy throughout the day.

4)      Maca. Used medicinally for thousands of years, particularly in South America where it grows abundantly at high elevations, maca is another powerful “superfood” that normalizes hormones and boosts energy levels. Because it helps balance a variety of systems throughout the body, maca is quickly becoming a go-to treatment for many people trying to cure their chronic fatigue symptoms.

5)      Liposomal vitamin C. supplementing with liposomal vitamin C, which some say is the equivalent of getting high-dose intravenous vitamin C injections, can help significantly boost energy levels by encapsulating vitamin C in protective lipid layers and delivering it directly into the bloodstream.

6)      Iodine. A continuous onslaught of ionizing radiation and fluoride chemicals, combined with a lack of iodine-rich foods in the diet, has left many modern people grossly deficient in necessary iodine. This accumulation of fluoride, radiation, bromide, and other iodine-replacing chemicals in the body can severely disrupt glandular function, which in turn causes imbalanced hormones, poor circulation, low body temperature, and other problems linked to chronic fatigue. But daily supplementation with a high-quality iodine supplement can help balance the endocrine system and propel the body towards homeostasis, which in turn can alleviate the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue.

Use a Detox Cleanse to Regain Sagging Energy!

In a recent article in Mother Earth News, integrative physician, Dr. Kathleen Jade, discussed why undergoing a detox cleanse can be one of the most effective treatments for overcoming chronic fatigue and boosting energy levels naturally. Dr. Jade reported:

Being tired all the time is no way to live. Chronic fatigue can make it next to impossible to perform even your most basic day-to-day responsibilities, let alone enjoy life. Instead of turning to caffeine, energy drinks and sugar to keep you going, there’s a much safer, more effective solution that practitioners of integrative and natural medicine use successfully with their patients—detoxification.

If you’re always fatigued, exposure to chemicals, mold, heavy metals and other toxic compounds could be directly causing or exacerbating your fatigue, and spending a short time doing a detox cleanse could be the answer. Medical research is finally being conducted and published, which validates what many natural healing systems have taught for centuries: there are scientifically valid ways to enhance the body’s capacity to detoxify. Researchers are uncovering ways that diet, nutrition, natural supplements and other natural therapies can be used to support the body’s ability to detoxify. Incorporating these natural therapies into a detox cleanse helps reduce and prevent chemical toxicity and often relieves toxicity-related symptoms like feeling tired all the time.

Learn more about undergoing a detox cleanse here: Feeling Sleepy All the Time? Wake Up with a Detox!

While the aforementioned therapies are a good place to start on your road to fatigue recovery, overcoming chronic fatigue permanently usually requires a multi-faceted approach. That is, a combination of natural remedies need to be utilized to achieve long-lasting fatigue relief.

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