Cellulose Gum

· · Digestive Health
Q: I see “cellulose gum” on a lot of ingredient labels. What is it and is it safe? A: Cellulose gum is a common ingredient in both food products, such as salad dressings, sauces, yogurts, and ice cream, and in pharmaceuticals, such as tablets and liquid medications. It’s an effective … Read More

Spotlight on Supplements: Mangosteen

· · Digestive Health
You may be familiar with the “superfood” known as mangosteen. Read along as EN examines this ancient fruit and determines if the health hype meets the evidence. Overview. Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Thailand, and India. However, it wasn’t until 2007 … Read More

Personal Beliefs About Drugs Influence Brain Activity

· · Digestive Health
Research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai revealed that human beliefs can modulate brain activity in a dose-dependent manner, akin to drugs. The study, which specifically examined beliefs about nicotine, carries implications ranging from understanding addiction’s neural mechanisms to enhancing treatment strategies by harnessing the power of … Read More

Hearing Aids Extend Longevity

· · Digestive Health
A recent study featured in The Lancet Healthy Longevity suggests that wearing hearing aids can be crucial for those who need them but aren’t using them. Lead researcher Janet Choi, MD, MPH, an otolaryngologist at Keck Medicine, reveals that adults with hearing loss who consistently wear hearing aids lower their … Read More

Look Beyond the Scale

· · Digestive Health
When you embark on food and lifestyle changes with health in mind, what defines “success?” For many people, weight loss is the primary marker of change they focus on when they are trying to eat better and exercise consistently. But weight change is only one possible outcome of improvements to … Read More

Vegan Diet Better Than Omnivore Diet for Cardiovascular Health

· · Digestive Health
A study from Stanford Medicine reports that adopting a vegan diet can lead to significant improvements in cardiovascular health within just eight weeks. While it is widely recognized that reducing meat consumption has cardiovascular benefits, this study uniquely controlled for genetic, upbringing, and lifestyle variables by examining identical twins who … Read More

News Briefs February 2024

· · Digestive Health
Cutting a Teaspoon of Salt Per Day Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure An antihypertensive medication is usually the first-line treatment for high blood pressure. However, you may be able to achieve similar blood pressure-lowering results with a simple change in your diet, according to a small study published online recently by … Read More

Resistance to New Experiences

· · Digestive Health
Q: I have noticed my mother, who is in her early 80s, becoming noticeably less interested in trying new things or breaking with her daily routine. Is this normal or is there something else going on? A: As people get older, they can feel they have less control in their … Read More

10 Terrific Natural Diuretics

· · Digestive Health
Natural diuretic foods and drinks stimulate your kidneys to produce more urine, unloading excessive fluid and salt. Although they vary greatly in effectiveness, these foods and drinks allow you to take in healthy nutrients rather than prescription medications (“water pills”). You may be retaining too much fluid if there is … Read More

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