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  • Due to volume, University Health News is unable to personally respond to questions made in the comments section. All Customer Service inquiries should be made through our Contact Us form.
  • Comments will be monitored for submissions containing, but not limited to: profanity, harassment, and spam. Users should behave with respect for others at all times.
  • University Health News reserves the right to modify or erase comments.
  • University Health News reserves the right to ban any user it determines to be in violation of the Comments Policy, without warning.
  • All University Health News users, by default, are considered to be non-medical professionals. If a health professional gives medical information as a platform user, their status as a medical professional must be identified.
  • University Health News takes no responsibility for medical advice or experiences shared in the comments section. Information shared in the comments section should never be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.
  • University Health News requests that platform users give source information for the health/medical information when it is not personal experience or general knowledge. Personal experience is defined as any symptom, test, treatment etc. that the person or a close family member has undergone himself/herself. All statements about statistics, data, studies and new advancement in medicine should include trustworthy sources.
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