What to Know About Gastritis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

Gastritis is swelling and irritation of your stomach lining. In most cases your diet does not cause gastritis. There is no gastritis diet for everyone, but some foods or drinks can make your gastritis worse and should be avoided.

gastritis stomach pain

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) for digestive diseases, research shows that neither eating, diet, or nutrition plays a role in most of the causes of gastritis.

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Gastritis is not one disease. It is a group of conditions that cause swelling and irritation, called inflammation, of your stomach lining. Normally your stomach lining has a mucous barrier that protects your stomach from stomach acids. Stomach acids are digestive juices that are great for breaking down the food you eat, but if they get through that barrier, they can eat away at the lining of your stomach. [2]

Symptoms of Gastritis

Symptoms of gastritis can include a burning or aching pain in your upper belly, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, and feeling full soon after starting to eat. Eating may make the pain better or worse. You may have weight loss if you have symptoms for a long time. [1-3]

Causes of Gastritis

Common causes of gastritis are infection, over-the-counter drugs called NSAIDs, and drinking alcohol. All three can weaken or destroy the mucous barrier and lead to gastritis:

  • Infection with the bacteria pylori (the same bacteria that causes ulcers) is the most common cause of gastritis. [1,3] This infection is present in about 35 percent of Americans. Most people with this infection get gastritis. Untreated H. pylori can last a lifetime and can lead to ulcer disease and stomach cancer. [1]
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are prescription and over-the-counter drugs used to treat pain and inflammation. The most common are aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. When used for too long, these drugs interfere with the production of the mucous barrier. [2]
  • Drinking alcohol can cause a short-term case of gastritis. Too much alcohol can eat right through the mucous barrier. This is called erosive gastritis. [2]

Less common causes of gastritis include severe stress due to an illness or injury and diseases in which your body’s defense system mistakenly attacks your stomach lining, called autoimmune gastritis. [2] If you have gastritis, you may find that some foods make your symptoms worse. Spicy foods are a common example. Alcohol and caffeine can also make gastritis worse. You may be able to prevent symptoms of gastritis by avoiding these foods. [3]

How Is Gastritis Treated?

Treatment depends on the cause. For the most common cause, H. pylori, the treatment is a combination of antibiotics and a medication that blocks stomach acid called a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Do not try to treat H. pylori with diet alone. Untreated H. pylori can lead to an ulcer or stomach cancer. [1]

The treatment for gastritis caused by NSAIDS is to block acid with a PPI and lower the dose or discontinue use of NSAIDs. Erosive gastritis from alcohol use may improve if you stop drinking alcohol. [1]

Lifestyle and diet recommendations for people with gastritis can include:

  • Avoiding any foods that make gastritis worse
  • Not drinking alcohol or caffeine
  • Not smoking

Is There Such a Thing as a Gastritis Diet?

gastritis diet

Ridding yourself of gastritis symptoms may require following a strict gastritis diet. (Photo (c) Dreamstime)

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) for digestive diseases, research shows that neither eating, diet, or nutrition plays a role in most of the causes of gastritis. That means it is unlikely that a diet for gastritis is helpful for most people. [1] It does not mean that what you eat or drink has no affect on gastritis. In some cases, certain foods or drinks may contribute to gastritis or make the symptoms worse. [1-3]

When to Call Your Doctor

Call your doctor if you have symptoms of gastritis that last for a week or longer, or if you have symptoms that are getting worse. [2,3] If gastritis is severe and leads to an ulcer, it can cause stomach bleeding. Call your doctor right way if:

  • You have vomiting with blood or coffee ground material.
  • You have blood in your stool or you have stool that looks dark and tarry.



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  • man while healing progress ,wish to eat sweet ,and chocolate i facing this problems i just read beware of acid foods and chilli and peppers

  • Dear,Doctor(s)

    Thanks for all good guides about gastritis.
    I would like what can I do next because after being proscribed for gastritis,it is becoming worse when I start taking the tablets.


  • If I had apple cider vinegar, ginger or pineapple while I had gastritis, besides the feeling of having an active volcano in my stomach and esophagus, I would probably vomit out my whole stomach.

    I haven’t come across anyone who can tolerate these things during a bout of gastritis.
    Infact, it was apple cider vinegar that bought on my gastritis this time.

  • i have lot of constipation problem. I am taking probiotic everyday, eating fruits and vegetables but no help. My DR. told me that my stomach has inflamation. What is herbal cure for that?

  • Yea Michael no kidding! They write these articles based on mumbo jumbo articles they’ve read. Apple cider vinegar is for people with low acid. Your right most of that would burn me up too. Stick to oatmeal, apple sauce, white rice, sweet potatoes and egg whites for protein. I’m going to try 1 caffeine pill in mornings because coffee is too acidic and green tea relaxes the lower esophagul valve letting more acid up in many cases. Unsweetened almond milk seems to work for me too. Try to go organic on everything above I mentioned if possible. Local coop store or Amazon.

  • This article is spreading false information! Much of what is written here is sheer nonsense. I suffer from gastritis myself (and so does half my family) plus I have a medical degree, and reading this just makes me shake my head.

    Pineapple does not help gastritis or ease the symptoms. It is one of the most acidic fruit out there and therefore one of the WORST things to eat if you suffer from gastritis. If I eat only a quarter of a pineapple I can count on pain and burning and sometimes vomiting and it often takes days until it goes away.
    Same counts for green tea. It contains caffeine. Caffeine is BAD if you have gastritis. I need only one cup and I immediately get nauseous.

    Then why on earth would potatoes be called “culprits”? Potatoes are one of the best things you can eat when you suffer from gastritis. They really ease your symptoms. And what’s wrong with gluten? This “thing” everyone has now about demonizing gluten, diary and other stuff is NOT BASED ON ANY SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, meaning, pure nonsense unless you have lactose intolerance or celiac disease YOU ARE FINE with both diary and gluten. Oats, also containing gluten, are also one of the BEST things to eat when you suffer from symptoms because just like potatoes they protect the stomach lining from the acid.

    It also doesn’t hurt to eat sweets every now and then. As long as you do so in moderate amounts everything is fine. Sugar consumption is not affiliated with gastritis symptoms!

    And why on earth would corn and soy be bad? This doesn’t make ANY sense if you know anything about food chemistry and the human body. Dear lord I’ve barely ever read so much nonsense in one article. If someone is following the advice given here they can count on their problems getting WORSE.

  • I agree completely with Hanna R. regarding the diet. The foods they list here as good for gastritis are some of the worst for Gastritis. I have tried some of them based on articles like this. Big mistake. Vinegar is very acidic. Ginger and Tumeric are both spices that increase stomach acid. Pineapple contains lots of bromelain which is a digestive enzyme that irritates gastritis. Digestive enzymes made my gastritis much worse. I eat wheat and dairy with no problem. I stay away from anything acidic, spicy, and almost all supplements. I have read about so many supplements that are supposed to be good for gastritis and I tried them. 90% made me feel worse and the other 10% had no noticeable effect. Everything you put in your stomach can potentially irritate gastritis. I have made lots of mistakes over the past 2 years dealing with it. Now I know just to keep it simple. Lots of water and a plain diet, including fish, chicken, cereal, rice, applesauce, bread, yogurt, and carnation instant breakfast when I need extra calories.

  • Pleas tell me why these diets say no dairy they contdricte each other very confusing, every time I eat I am in terrible pain

  • The lady who when crazy over pineapple, gluten etc. every person is different. I have no reaction to pineapple. I do have reactions to processed sugar and foods. White potatoes bother me. People with celiac or gluten sensitivity do need to stay away from that or it will inflame your stomach. Soy and corn is because it’s the most processed junk fillers you can find – top 3 for GMO. Real soy should be consumed sparingly. I could go on but won’t.

  • i, got chronic Gastric in belgium docter does not give any medicine i have low level of acidity i live in Belgium please advise me what to or send mediclne i will pay .Thanks

  • I have had gastritis and a hiatal hernia since Nov. 2015. I have not had one complete day without some acid indigestion and/or nausea. I started a diet for acid reflux in April 2016 and thought I was on the mend, but started getting nausea again in September 2016. I feel hopeless! My Doctor keeps giving me anti depressants, but they all make me nauseated and I have to stop.

  • Does extra virgin coconut oil help gas & bloating from eating too many mandarin oranges in
    one sitting. I sweezed about 7 mandarin oranges in glass of water..my stomache became bloated & gassey. I normally don’t have stomache or gas problems.

  • I’ve got more practical tips reading comments than the article. Yes many of the things said in the article don’t make much sense. Though acid producing foods are better for long term treatment. Probiotics work as well. Tried mastic gum and licroise.. both worked for me. ACV too works. If you have gastiritis now, bland foods as some of the commentors mentioned works wonders. Heal well.

  • I have used comprehensive gut health made by Rhodes that I purchased online at Amazon it has L-glycine, deglycerized licorice, and marshmallow in the capsules and it really really helped my stomach. I also take Slippery elm capsules and ginger to help with healing and nausea. I stopped all coffee because it really hurt and switched to tea with some Creamer in it in the morning. I have taken a caffeine pill if tea bothers me sometimes. I also drink tea with both camomile and peppermint herbal tea . Hope this helps it’s a terrible thing to have constant stomach pain and Dr’s keep putting me on prilosec and Zantac which has not really helped at all?good luck to everyone

  • I have been suffering with gastritis for a few years now. I try to keep my body in an alkaline state by drinking water with squeeze of lemon or lime. I have heard that even though these are acidic fruits, they become alkaline when digested. My question is…Does this water with lemon or lime juice make the stomach more inflammed? I keep hearing and reading conflicting reports. Some say it is good and some say otherwise. Would appreciate your comments. Thanks

  • Hello guys how you been I have chronic gastric and i have burning of hear and by back after and before. now i am going to take omeprazole 40mg 30 caps. please give me advise if someone use it before. thank you so much

  • Kat, my understanding is that lemon juice is Alkaline once it is absorbed in your system. However, it is very acidic when you drink it and it hits your stomach. This goes for most citrus fruits with Lemon being the most acidic. I tried it once based on an article I read stating that Lemon is alkaline and good for gastritis. I had immediate pain. If you are diluting it with lots of water you may not feel it hurting you, but I doubt it is helping your gastritis.

  • Mary M. I have tried many herbal supplements to treat my gastritis. Most of them made me feel worse. I tried DGL licorice and Slippery Elm powder as these are the most recommended, and they didn’t hurt me, but didn’t help me either. I took high doses of them so I really gave them a chance. Some people say those two, in particular, do help so you might give them a try. They probably won’t hurt you.

  • I was just told I have gastritis, esophagitis, and have a hiatal hernia and diabetic, what the heck am I suppose to eat? Help!!

  • Hi,I was told I have bile reflux,in my stomach and my esophagus,acid reflux and gastritis,I’m nauseous most of the time,so I don’t eat much,I’m a coffee drinker,my doctor told me to stay away from the coffee completely,I’ve tried drinking water,it makes me sick,teas make me nauseated,I don’t know what to drink ,I’m afraid I will get dehydrated,someone please help.

  • I have found relief using a product called AMP Floracel. It is a derivative of the Aloe Vera plant. This has provided relief within a few days. Not cheap, but one can get relief. Taken together with deep breathing techniques should put you back in the driver’s seat.

  • I have tried everything and the only thing that is helping me is cabbage and carrot juice it heals in 7-10 days , i have had gastritis for years , this is the best.

  • I think what is missing from this article is the following.
    – The foods listed as bad/culprits soy, corn, gluten are there because after years of dealing with gastritis its possible that you develop carbohydrate malabsorption. So these once healthy foods now contribute to other problems (SIBO, IBS, etc..) which could exacerbate your overall digestive health. It would be helpful if the authors understood this and explained this reasoning.
    – Seems the authors are confusing Gastritis with GERD, heartburn, LPR or something else. They don’t realize that we are dealing with “open wounds” that get irritated with almost anything but specially with Garlic, Oregano, Pineapple, ACV and Ginger.
    – Some of the foods listed as good for Gastritis work only for people taking medication (PPIs, H2, etc..) and can withstand the extra acid/irritation produced by these foods.

  • Gluten is BAD!! Why because here in the good old USA we have genetically modified all of our flour products to contain more than two to three times the amount of gluten than is naturally in them. Why do you think Wonder bread is so fluffy? You can’t bake like that in Europe because there flour isn’t genetically modified! Over half if our country is sensitive to gluten because of this! It’s also the largest food sensitivity we have. Not allergy sensitivity, yes there is a difference. Plus grains, oatmeal, cereals are you kidding me? THIS IS WHAT COWS EAT NOT HUMANS!!! Cows have three stomachs last I checked we have one! I don’t graze, and I surely don’t want to live on cow food! Why do you think in the last 60 years this country has an outbreak of obesity and diabetes? We live on crap that was NEVER meant for human consumption! Yeah let’s take out all the healthy fats and pure tons of sugar in our food and see what happens. You GET FAT and die! That’s what happens. Funny tumors live off sugar. You don’t eat sugar or carbs guess what happens? They starve to death. Google how many people have cured themselves of tumors brain tumors by not eating carbs! It’s amazing what REAL food does for your body. Half or more of the cancers we now have are CAUSED BY OUR DIETS!!! PS most gastritis aka stomach ulcers is caused by a bacteria that only takes two weeks of antibiotics to CURE! Yet 99% of the medical professionals prescribed you a little purple pill you have to take for the rest of your life, why? Because they get paid incentives from the drug companies to get you to spend hundred of dollars a month on maintenance pills. When all it takes in most cases is a damn antibiotic! There’s no money in that! Why cure anything if you can get people to take pills God the rest of their lives and make trillions off of them? PS potatoes, beer, yeast it feeds fungal growth! Why not just eat fertilizer?

  • PS ginger and turmeric are both ANTI INFLAMMATORY! Meaning they REDUCE inflammation! Doesn’t matter how spicy they are. If you but the actual root vegetables they aren’t spicy. I make my own turmeric pills and take it twice a day never once bothered my stomach and I’ve had an ulcer since I was 14! Plus after 34 years with it I’m really pissed to find out two Australian doctors won the Nobel Prize in 2005 for PROVING ulcers and acute gastritis are caused by a fungal infection! They proved this back in 1987! One got so pissed that the medical community ignored their research he actually infected himself, them turned around and cured himself with two weeks of antibiotics. So if you haven’t tried antibiotics you MIGHT want to go SCREAM at your lazy doctor for being paid by the purple pill company!!!

  • I have tried ginger chews and ginger extract capsules and they both hurt my stomach. I have also tried Turmeric capsules and they hurt my stomach. Ginger and Turmeric are both pro-motility agents and are often recommended to people with slow digestion. The reason is that they both stimulate production of stomach acid and enzymes. This acid and enzymes are what irritates gastritis. I had bleeding stomach ulcers at one time. For me, my stomach was far less sensitive with my ulcer than with my gastritis. The gastritis has been very difficult to manage. You just have to be careful with anything you put in your stomach, including spices that stimulate stomach acid.

  • I was diagnosed with gastritis and it dosnt act up all the time but when it does its so umcomfy and its last for days!!! It feels sensitive to the touch on my upper stomach and the discomfort is beyond then what i can explaine! It bother to bend twist lift-any movement involving my stomach bother greatly!! I get nauseous i get a headache it feels like morning sickness-what do i do?

  • The problem with our food is what man does to it! All the preservatives, the way dairy is pasturized, the way bread is made, gmo’s and harmful ingredients. Its ridiculous! We have to go as organic as possible, take probiotics to heal the gut, and consume less sugar. Yes! Less sugar! Someone said, “sugar doesn’t have anthing to do with gastritis”. Yes it does! Sugar is bad bacteria and eats the giid bacteria. Therefore, creating more problems with the gut. Caffeine and alcohol can cause inflamation, big time!

    Some people may have worse symtoms than others. I am one of those people! When my stomach swells up, I look 5 months pregnant!

  • GG, change your diet. Start taking probiotics. You have to get to the root of the problem. When the pain and discomfort gets unbearable, I lay face down flat on the floor for about 10 min. Works everytime.

  • I had an endoscopy yesterday after almost a month of intermittent vomiting and awful pain on my left side above my rib. The food hurt going down my esophagus into my stomach. The findings were chronic gastritis and the dr took a bunch of biopsies. Having a gall bladder ultrasound this week also. I have found a little relief with coconut milk and coconut water. I still have a 1/2 cup of coffee but with food and seem to be ok with that. I find cutting out heavy acidic fruits works. I eat a healthy diet anyway so I was surprised to find out how sick I have been. I am also on PPI and Carafate 4x a day which def reduces the stomach acid. Thanks for all your helpful comments.

  • hi have just been diagnosed with gastritis could edith d tell me the name of the antibiotic that cures this condition so i can approach my gp with it many thanks all my sympathy goes out to all with this awful condition many thanks

  • For the past few years I have had difficulty working out in yard, then in 2015 it got harder and harder to breathe. After many tests, it was a CT scan that showed COPD, emphysema and scarring in my lungs. I quit smoking 8 years ago but the damage has been done. I got to a point I couldn’t catch my breath and was coughing so hard I thought the top of my head would blow off, nothing was really working to help my condition. Finally i started on COPD herbal formula i purchased from NewLife Herbal Clinic, i read alot of positive reviews from other patients who used the COPD herbal treatment. I used the herbal remedy for 7 weeks, its effects on COPD is amazing, all my symptoms gradually faded away, i breath very more freely now! (Visit www . newlifeherbalclinic . com ) I recommend this COPD herbal formula for all COPD/Emphysema sufferers

    Megan Flores
    New Jersey

  • People who are commenting that this is nonsense are ignorant. Why are so many people not getting better when they take what the doctors prescribe? Its all over the internet, people that cured their stumac ulcer and gastritis problems after years of pain, whit ACV and especially cabbage juice. The problem is that the doctor treat it like it is to much acid, while the problem is more or less to little acid and poor digestion. After I read everything I came across online everything made sense. If you use the prescription med you can end up with chrons. I only got worse from the meds. Tried cabbage juice and got better after two days. Tried ACV too and it seems to help, but be prepared that it may be worse just to begin with. Start with cabbage juice and then you can use ACV with meal after your stumac has gotten stronger. I just started trying ACV but cabbage juice I know for sure helps, and I have read so many people that cured their ulcer with it. Open your eyes to the healing power of nature. Prescription med is only camuflaging the problem, not healing it.

  • I treated my gastritis by using the following protocol : Take a good teaspoonful of manuka honey on half a digestive biscuit, 20 mins before eating. (Genuine manuka honey is very expensive but worth the price for its medical value. The current price for a jar with a UMF of 15plus is around £50). Have small meals every couple of hours rather than a large one in one go (avoid those foods that trigger gastric spasming and acidity. Sip drinks slowly. Eat when you are calm and not angry/upset. The manuka honey will help bring inflammation down by killing bacteria and healing the stomach lining. Gradually, your symptoms will improve and with persistence, disappear altogether. I had a horrendous spate of gastritis a few years ago and lost a stone in weight, becoming really weak and rundown over the course of a month. Within 3 weeks of starting the manuka, my symptoms abated significantly. I continued taking the honey in this way for a full 3 months. I still avoid triggers that my stomach can’t cope with : certain vitamin/mineral supplements, large quantities of pasta/pizza/processed foods. I’m pretty sure that everyone has their own triggers and keeping a food diary will help you figure out which ones are yours.

  • I agree with Mette R. Once my stomach improved, I started taking acv daily and it has helped keep things healthy. The advice in the article makes sense to me but your own experience of following the advice will depend on how acute your symptoms are. At it’s worst, my gastritis had such a disabling effect that I wasn’t even able to drink water without my stomach going into spasm. The manuka helped bring it back to a manageable level and continued use helped to heal it further.

  • I think a black or white reaction to all this is unnecessary; meaning the whole article is rubbish or the whole thing is 100% right isn’t helpful.
    A few points I think we can all say are truths:
    1. People react differently to different foods
    2. Our food supply has too much GMO
    3. Doctors are eager to prescribe medication (ex. the purple pill)
    4. It is possible to cure most issues with nature (food, herbs, etc..)

    All that being said, I have to agree with some of the article (tips 2, 4, 5 and 6. I can’t imagine ANYONE reading this article not agreeing with those points).
    #2 – take pro-biotics
    #4 – avoid certain foods (that we should all know by now but they do mention them)
    #5 – make these changes long term and not short term
    #6 – avoid sweets (natural sugar as in fruits is good but added sugar in our foods really is bad for us).
    Now saying all that PLUS that last thing I said, know this, I have gastritis and have had bad attacks that had me laying in a ball like a baby on the kitchen floor feeling like I wanted to die. Now guess what? A few weeks before that I had chocolate… REALLY good chocolate… and I didn’t have any gastritis attack for weeks after that. So I could never say tip #’s 1 and 3 are truths because we all react differently to different food. Some people may like pineapple for gastritis. I used to love to eat pineapple but recently after eating a modest portion I felt like I was going to die.

    So what I am saying in my last point is that we all have to make ourselves guinea pigs. We have to test foods and (as my doctor told me to do) make a diary of our daily intake and how we feel. Today, I had nothing but unsweetened (Wallaby ‘s) greek yogurt and apple chunks. An hour later I had a minor pain in my stomach. Is it from the yogurt? Am I dairy intolerant? I’ll find out tomorrow when I have the yogurt and no apple. And the next day I will try a small glass of grass fed organic milk. Very annoying to say the least but I think we all need to do this and stop saying generalizations about food like “Don’t eat garlic or onions. It’s bad for your gastritis.” It may help someone. I eat it in modest quantities.

    So before I go I wanted to add like other people have as to what has helped me. And by the way, if any of you who made comments come back, thanks for your comments and tell me how you have been since you were here last. By the way, no, I did not write this article and ain’t from the site here. But I am thinking of doing my own site so chart my gastritis issue and hopeful progress.

    What helps me:
    1. coconut water – had a bad gastritis attack and drank this and it helped. now i drink it every day.
    2. fennel – eat if after eating every meal. really helpful
    3. oatmeal – very helpful and nice to my stomach (I add honey)
    4. broccoli sprouts – not brussel sprouts but broccoli sprouts. I read somewhere that it helps repair ulcers and i added it to my diet. i think i see a difference.
    5. i stay away from all drinks with carbonation and all processed food. Had a handful of Pepperridge Farm Gold Fish and thought I was gona die last week. So all that (processed food) is out.
    6. I drink chamomile tea which helps alot
    7. Sometimes I boil water with ginger root in it and let simmer for 5-10 minutes then strain into glass and put a little honey in it and sip. Feels weird going down but suppresses my attacks.

    So that helps me. If it doesn’t work for you, I understand. You are different from me as we all are and no need to say “That’s all rubbish.” Good luck to all and I’ll come back here in a few months.

  • in article there is written that lactobacillus can prove better against gastritis.It is found in curd but i’m stopped by doctor to use curd.What should i do know??

  • Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic are the things that triggered my first gastritis attacks. For some reason, some other spicy foods I ate in Asian cafes (not knowing the names of the spices) did not have a noticeable effect. Pineapples, citrus fruits are a no-no for me.
    Honey is the only sweetener that does not cause heartburn. It actually reduces heartburn. Any bland blended food seems to help, but how long will I have to eat blended food now?

  • IF YOU HAVE GASTRITIS, please look into zinc carnosine only that one, in Japan where they discovered , it healing factors it is used in hospitals there for gastritis and ulcers with prescription.Here its cheap and works in just a few weeks and its pretty cheap, there is all kind of research on this. IT WILL HEAL YOU.Only the Zinc Carnosine, that is the combo that wont hurt, only helps, read HEAL YOUR GUT BLOG JOHNS THE BEST!

  • Possibly everyone has different foods that make things better or worse because we all have vastly different gut microbiomes. I get sporadic attacks of acute gastritis that last 4 days or so. My whole gut turns into a river of pain. For me, teas – green, black, ginger – really relieve the symptoms for a while, more than anything else. But the truth is the only thing that really relieves the symptoms is a moderately strong opiate based painkiller and taking it easy until the storm passes.

  • You can’t go wrong with fresh cabbage juice, preferably squeezed with a juice machine. It saved me from a life of stomach pain, and within 24 hours, the pain was gone. I only take 1/3 cup per day but the more, the better. I have thyroid issues so must go easy on it. I’ve also added 1/2 t of turmeric powder plus 1/8 t of black pepper in a daily smoothie so may not need the cabbage anymore. Also wonderful for joint aches and pains.

  • I have read many comments and glanced at many. Most of the comments are made by individual prognosis and will be different for each person. I would not make any medical/dietary decision based on any of the comments here. Very scary thought. Someone who said they have a medical degree stated oats have gluten – which is incorrect and can be googled. The only true grains with gluten are barley, wheat, and rye. Oats can be cross-contaminated if processed with wheat and people who have celiac need to be sensitive to the nature of the product. White potatoes have nutritional benefits, but in general, are not preferred. Eat sweet potatoes. I have gastritis and I take Apple Cider Vinegar very morning. Ask a naturopathic doctor what would be best for you and how to test and try different supplements and foods. Do not look here for answers. The article is a good guide to research further and ask questions.
    There is more to say, but further observations should be left to the reader to do their own diligence and research for themselves.

  • I’m really surprised that anyone with a sensitive stomach (my husband has atrophic gastritis from h.pylori infection) can take cider vinegar. He has tried, but finds it far too acidic. I note that you mention acidic drinks can be a problem, so it all seems a bit contradictory. I wonder if some who think they have gastritis really have low stomach acid so cider vinegar helps compensate for this.

  • 1 table spoon of Apple cider vinegar cup of water and 1 table spoon of honey before/ after meals .. Breakfast Oatmeal with honey in the mornings. Take some turmeric pills 2 times a day 450mg. After meals.

  • hi all,
    My friend started working with a wonderful doctor in the UK, from distance. He was very sick, appeared to have gastritis but it turns out he actually had too little acid in his stomach. He is now recovering, thanks to following a tailored diet and taking supplements.
    I suffer from gastritis and will start working this this amazing doctor too.
    The doctors is Marek Doyle. I can advice anyone to work with him! look him up!

  • I also suffer from gastritis since 2014.from day one i never stopped trying to cure this debilitating thing. I’ve done so much research and tried the conventional antibiotic therapy 4 times to no avail. I switched to herbal remedies and learnt that if you choose the natural route for gastritis thats when discipline should come in. Natural remedies are more like food,so what it means is you should be more strict with your diet, by eating foods that support your healing. The other thing with natural herbs is, make sure you take them for a little while before you say ‘i tried it it doesnt help “. Further, i noticed that many gastritis sufferers has ibs along. I believe thats when people begin to fight on these forums. Those gluten, lactose, sugar etc are ibs triggers so if you suffer both ibs and gastritis you end up blaming almost everthing because of ibs. For myself i tried almost everything with no change until i made huge changes to myself. Discipline is the key. Dietary change is a lifestyle change meaning you should cut out the culprit completely out of your life.. If you are a person looking for quick fixes natural route is a wrong turn for you. I tried manuka honey. It starts by giving you a terrible acid within the first days then with tym you tolerate it better. I made a mistake of getting only 2 jars instead of many. In 3 weeks i felt completely healed and thit im strong but I wasn’t. Flares came back when i ate wrong. Aloe vera juice is very good too. I took it for two weeks i recovered completely ate wrong and suffered severe acid attacks. Right now im taking dgl licorice along with a good diet. This combination is unbelievable. I feel 100% fyn. So what it means is for a quick recovery avoid those gluten, lactose, sugars, white rice.. Because some food are difficult to digest some are easy to digest but gives constipation like white rice and pitatoes especially to those with ibs gastritis. Thanks for reading.. Hope you find it helpful.

  • Things like smoking, caffeine, chocolate trigger gastritis are all nonsense too. Yes they will all make it worse once you have it, but if they’re causing gastritis to occur then that suggests an immune reaction to them possibly from something like SIBO, Candida, general dysbiosis, even some anxiety medications such as Clonazepam and many antidepressants suppress the immune system. Chronic Stress or severe malnutrition over a period of time can also cause inflammation, as can lack of regular excercise. But here’s the big one : long term use of PPIS or H2 blockers (yes these are no better than ppi’s if used for long periods) can cause the very thing they are supposed to treat. And coming off these drugs too quickly can also cause gastritis to occur, that’s why you’re not meant to take them for a month (8 weeks very maximum)

  • You better take omeprazole, I’m taking it for over 10 years and I feel fine. Acidic juice makes you more worse and spicy I tried everything already

  • I was not really having a problem breathing at first. My throat was burning; I thought I had strep throat. I had pain in my neck, and there was swelling around my collar bone. The first doctor I went to said he did not know why there was swelling. He gave me antibiotics and told me that if the swelling was not better to come back in three weeks and i went back after three weeks he diagnosed me of COPD and told me there was no cure. So i decided to purchase COPD herbal remedy from Standard Herbs Home, i used the COPD herbal medicine for four weeks and i was totally cure of COPD. All thanks to Standard Herbs Home. God bless.

  • I feel so sorry for people who continue to have the same problem and Doctors do nothing to cure them. I have Doctor’s in my family and I am going to suggest that if you are not better after seeing a doctor for 3 months then you need to get a second opinion. You would be surprised at how many patients I have seen that have been misdiagnosed and yet due to this being their doctor for 30 years or because they just don’t realize most insurance company’s do pay for second and sometimes third opinions they stick to a doctor that is not helping them. Today you have the Public Library and Nurses on call and the Internet to look up THE SYMPTOMS THAT YOU ARE HAVING and many sites give you list of what to do or what type Doctors you should see or what type medical test you should ASK YOUR NEXT DOCTOR to do on you.
    Please remember you pay these Doctors so that means they are working for you so please stand up for your rights!
    Please, please, please make your list and take it with you to your doctor.
    Tell Doctors what you want done, tell them this is my list of symptoms and these are all the test the medical sites online say need to be done to accurately diagnose my problem. This is a list of natural things I can do to heal my body and this list is medications they recommend to heal my body.
    The biggest problem I see with patients is they just blindly accept whatever their Doctor says as gospel.
    Surely you realize at least once or twice a month a Drug Representative comes to all Doctors Offices offering him incentives to use their medications. Their locked closets are full of samples from these Drug Reps so yes their incentives make them want to keep you on medications and coming back for visits that they get paid for.
    Yes several in my family are in this big drug racket and it makes me sad that so many could be well with using natural products or from just getting the correct diagnosis.
    Please remember every Doctor does not have knowledge of every single disease out there so they guess at or treat symptoms but are not trained to know everything about every disease.
    Do your own research and please stop blindly trusting Doctors.

  • Can someone tell me if soy milk is good for gastritis? I replaced soy milk to milk tea as someone told me milk – tea (black) both are not good for gastritis.

  • I suffered from gastritis for years trying all sorts of remedies {many of those mentioned in the article}. No luck at ll ! Then I happened on an add at local drugstore for Aloe Vera Juice. Works like a charm and is cheap!!!

  • I suffered from gastritis for years trying all sorts of remedies {many of those mentioned in the article}. No luck at all ! Then I happened on an add for Aloe Vera Juice at a local drugstore. Works like a charm and it costs about $7 for a gallon jug . Enjoy!!!

  • I agree with the others about some of the bad advice, especially about apple cider vinegar. I read somewhere about how alkalizing it was, mixed a little with water and it was like I burned the inside of my stomach and it hasn’t recovered months later.

  • I think Most of the info here is down right stupid…nonsensical, and wrong. I’ve been dealing with GERD, intermittent gastroenteritis, and a large hiatal hernia, with nerve damage and scaring in my esophagus, for about 35 years now. The best thing you can do is eat WHOLE FOODS, organic, if you can afford it, that have been thoroughly washed. I also eat mostly venison, which is grass feed, obviously. I also consume organic, grass fed dairy of as many kinds as I can afford. Eat raw, local honey, if you can find it. And stay away from as many grains as you can. I make sandwiches with spinach wraps instead of bread. I also eat ZERO sugar. When I get a sweet tooth, I use Xylitol. It promotes an alkaline environment in the body, protects against loss of blood sugar control, hardens tooth enamel better than the toxic heavy metal, flouride, and can help reverse and prevent osteoporosis. Eat lots of raw, non-gmo nuts, and don’t be afraid of good fats, including grass fed butter, and avocado oil, and organic, extra virgin coconut oil. Remember, several recent studies have found that people who consume quality diary fats on a regular basis, have smaller waistlines than people who don’t consume dairy…why? CLA. Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won’t. Just remember to eat foods that are as close to the source, meaning unprocessed, as you can, and your gut WILL heal.

  • P.S. Soy sauce is fermented, meaning it is fine to consume. Just be aware of how much salt there is in it. Un-fermented soy is very hard on the digestive system. Nori (seaweed) is also very good for soothing the gut.

  • The first week I just couldn’t eat really anything, I fasted food and lived off of sustegen, banana smoothies, I stopped nexium as I took it for nearly a year. Once a day I had lemon grass oil in a tea. week 2, no milk, no cheese , no butter, no meat, I drank lots of water. I only could eat rice, carrots and broccoli, that was for the whole week. I also avoided wheat, chocolate and corn. Week 3, I added milk, sourdough bread. White fish. Grapes, This was two years ago, I suffered a whole year before the diet. But recently I have developed belching at night, so I am starting the same diet again.This helped me a lot. Plus I took probiotics, magnesium phosphate, vitamin D and one multi a day.

  • I have suffered of gastritis for years, about 20 years, I would say. After I tried EVERYTHING, including gastroenterologist “specialized in gastritis” prescriptions and diet recommendations, nothing worked. I have been studying myself, and have concluded that everyone is different. I took Omeprazole for around 3 years; then, my doctor changed my prescription to Ranitidine, supposedly because the latest had less severe side effects. Ranitidine DIDN’T work for me at all. So I decided to take the following steps based in MY personal experience and at MY own risk: Stop taking proton or hydrogen pump inhibitor, eliminate the probiotics (they caused me stomach discomfort) and limit as much as I can the following: Chocolate, vinegar, pineapple and tomato. I drink a big cup of milk with espresso coffee and honey every morning. I eat everything else including cheese. I don’t eat sweets or drink alcohol frequently, I try to eat healthy (most of the time), I don’t smoke, and I am not overweight. In the afternoons, WATER triggers my heartburn, but I cannot stop drinking water, of course. So I drink plenty of water in the mornings and nights. I added a couple of ounces of cold skim milk to my diet in the afternoons and I started taking multivitamins (Centrum) in the morming. I cannot say I cured my gastritis, but I feel surprisingly better than before without taking any pills. When I feel any discomfort, I take ONE tablet of Tums.

  • Has anybody here tried taking a food sensitivity blood test? This can be a great way to discover your specific sensitivities and can really help you quickly narrow down some of the foods that are exasperating your problems. Along with the common culprits: fried foods, alcohol, chronic stress, spicy foods etc. It is very frustrating to figure out. These sorts of blogs are just general suggestions, not probably meaning a black and white answer because we are all unique. I would suggest finding a functional medicine professional to help you with a custom plan . It may take awhile to figure out YOUR best plan and you may be surprised what you discover. Somethings that are generally considered healthy and good for us may just be a major culprit for YOU.

  • I saw great video on the microbiome. Everybody has a slightly different colony. The foods we eat also feed our gut, and our microbes. The chemicals and nutrients that are released vary from person to person even eating the same foods. It all depends on the gut species that lives in you and how many. Thats why some foods may benefit one person but hurt another. A gut microbiome test can start you in the right direction. Stay away from all inflammatory foods and look into functional medicine. It takes work but very posible to get our health back.

  • I was just diagnosed with gastritis after one day of consuming a lot of military mre food that was high in sodium & preservatives. I vomited some of it up…. I am going on day 11 now. The first 5 days were hell because I didn’t know what was going on. I have been bed riddin on the couch researching what I can take to cure this auto immune attack… Here are things I have found carrot juice, zinc carnosine, slippery elm, licorice root, I have found cold water has helped me with the inflammation the most as I’m still waiting on the other supplements to get to me. I had an emotional break down around day 9 of this inflammation in the stomach pain is bad I’m not sure if I have ulcers waiting to see a doctor takes forever. But I am sure eating this garbage military food full of sodium & preservatives caused this also the vomiting it up didn’t help my situation either. Right after I vomited I went to bed and woke up with this disease. Trying to stay level headed

  • I have lived with ibs (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for several years. It comes and goes for no apparent reason but I do eat spicey foods and drink alcohol. I am also a Type 2 diabetic and have been on Metformin and Humulin (insulin) injections for just over a year. My blood sugar levels dropped at the start of this regime but started to increase again, so that I was put on daily injections of Victoza (a peptide) 1.2mgs. This has worked tremendously well and my blood sugars have almost returned to normal levels. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of Victoza is gastritis and this has come on only recently (3 weeks ago). It makes me nauseous and I am currently abroad on holiday in Spain. I have read some of your suggestions with interest and intend to monitor my food and drink intake on a regular basis to establish what might be setting the side-effect off. Thanks for your input.

  • I am so confused…I haves mild gastritis, just diagnosed along with Pernicious Anemia. I was feeling a bit of nausea and sometimes would start eating and almost felt like I had morning sickness. Never got sick, but that’s it. No other symptoms. Biopsies all normal and I am almost finished with a 7 day 4x’s a day carafate medication. I am just trying to get my whole system working well. I don’t want to take pill probiotics so I am adding kambucha. I have to fully cut out dairy (allergy tests show I am allergic but I still eat cheese) but I have no gluten issues. Can I still have bread? I only eat organic, whole wheat. I just want to feel better.

  • I have read this article, all the comments, and am currently the last response. I have had this one other time in my life and it lasted a week. I tried all the pills but nothing worked. I did receive accupuncture and it helped a lot. I eat well but for the last two weeks not and so a couple of years since my last experience, here it is again. Again, I tried the pills my Urgent Care doc recommended but nothing worked. I could barely drink water. I tried accupuncture again and it helped again. I could hear my stomach gurgling and relaxing during my session.
    Has anyone in here tried?

  • Dustin, I have not tried that, but I will soon have accupuncture for my shoulders. I will ask my doctor if I can have that done also for my stomach, as I have chronic gastritis. Do they actually stick the needles into the stomach area?

  • I have al the symptoms you guys mention. First the bloating, then bad gases and if my stomach starts gurgling I know I’m in trouble. It means abdominal cramping, pain and none stop vomiting. It’s depressing and it inteferes in my daily life such as work and doing things at home. I’m tired and don’t know what to eat anymore. There are days I feel great, then it happens all over again. I can’t no more. What to do???

  • Yesterday I had a severe stomach pain due to gastritis. I ate soghum porridge. Tapioca will also do. Boil water. Add soghum/tapioca. When the pearls are transparent add some coconut milk and sweetener. I used jaggery. Can also use honey. Stopped the pain immediately. It is a remedy used in south asia.

  • Is this some kind of sick joke? All those acids is why I got Gastritis – Lemon, Applecider Vinegar, Acidic Fruit. Come on people, no one is going to get better off this. Please be cautious reading this article.

  • I’ve had heartburn, nausea from what they have labeled “Gastritis” for years now. The antacid ppi’s recommended have only masked the issue causing body hives, gallbladder issues, cysts, etc…horrific. The only thing that helps now is:

    1) Drinking 35-40oz of spring water with a whole organic lemon in the morning on an empty stomach.

    2) Waiting at least an hour, eating plain organic quinoa for breakfast.

    3) Then, cooking quinoa, celery, carrots, kale and garbanzo beans blending into a stew/soup reheated for 2-3 meals the rest of the day.

    4) Intermittently adding organic low fat mozzarella cheese for the B12. This sometimes causes nausea, so the only thing that saves me from that is:

    5) Organic raw ginger root, a small piece chewed, swallowing the juice, spitting out the pulp then taking a few gulps of water. This I do 1-4 times a week.

    6) Organic peanut butter at night, 3 hours before bed.

    *Water related, to keep the heartburn in check, all of the above is only drinking water directly in the morning 35-40 oz, the water naturally occuring in my food (blended) and very other small amounts totaling 60ish oz. That keeps the opening of the esophagus between meals to a minimum and helps immensely.

    Honesty, it seems an epidemic, speaking with others on a regular basis, most everyone is getting sicker and sicker. With pesticides, genetically engineered foods, 80k chemicals in the USA’s products, food, water…a generation or two here have been poisoned.

    When someone claims we’re sick only because “it’s genetic”, well, no and yes, as the aforementioned toxins reak havoc on our DNA and we pass that on in our genes.

  • I have had PTSD since 1998. My GERD and gastritis began then with the anxiety. The vagus nerve carries an extensive range of signals from digestive system and organs to the brain and vice versa. It is the tenth cranial nerve, extending from its origin in the brainstem through the neck and the thorax down to the abdomen. I believe that is why I can’t get the nausea from the gastritis to go away. I am going to spend more time on the food diary and consider acupunture. Thanks everyone for your input. Each body is different but one remedy may help someone.

  • Hi ,I just found out I have gastritis ,my doctor prescribed me sucrafil an esomeprazole 40 an it help my symptoms alot although I ofto stay away from acidic food etc are it would irritated my stomach….I got gastritis by containing alot of apple cider vinegar without eating an taking it strong but if i did know like now i know i wouldn’t of taking any to help with my weight,I regret it now…..but any way can gastritis can be heal?????????

  • Lists on here are pretty good but avoid Apple Cider Vinegar & Pineapple they will irritate the gut.
    In my experience Coffee, Chocolate, Cow’s dairy & Fructose are the big irritants that will continue inflammation of your gut.
    Simple carbs like rice, white bread, pasta, cornflakes & rice krispies are digested easily & quickly.
    Supplement oregano oil & vitamin D to fight the inflammation & introduce nuts, seeds, wholegrains when your stomach is beginning to feel more normal.
    If your a coffee junkie you will need to learn to live without it. Replace with herbal tea’s like peppermint & lemon/ginger.

  • I have had several bouts with chronic gastritis and for me personally, anything tomato based will cause a definite flare up…I also have high blood pressure and tried taking Lycopene supplement to help with my BP issues– HUGE MISTAKE !!! 1 -10MG capsule is like eating 3 whole tomatoes –so I am now trying beetroot capsules and going the natural route to deal with my BP issues. For me–healing the lining of your stomach is the best route of treating gastritis…I accomplished this with a supplement I found called Gastritix –which contains ginger, slippery elm , and soothing chamomile– all excellent for healing or promoting healing of the mucosal lining of your stomach…I would also take Slippery Elm on its own and also Ginger Root and these quickly and easily resolve any gastric problems that might occur along with watching your diet ….Just some creative suggestions for you all to possibly explore …Good luck everyone …

  • Thank you. After reading all the advice. 3 years ago i got H.Pylori was very sick, then had my Gall Bladder removed with 47 stones. Was never told that i would get Gastritis until i had an attack that resulted in an emergency trip to A & E. My stomach muscles were in spasm. Not once i was told what food i couldnt eat. What to eat. I find i cnt eat. Chocolate. Spicy food. Fried food. Can.t eat bottled sauces. Mayos. Citcus food makes it worse. Milk has to be low fat. Since making changes i have learnt to cope( i still enjoy a roast). The doctor put me on Burcospan and Acidex it help. With these 2 meds ive bn able to return to work.

  • When there is acute stomach pain what works for me is 1 teaspoon of slippery elm powder in some warm water (add a little hot water and stir, then add cold water). Not too much water though so it’s a thicker fluid and not runny. This seems to cover the stomach lining well and quickly soothes the stomach. It’s also supposed to heal damaged tissue in stomach and guts quicker. Then avoid all culprits that irritate your stomach (usually sugars, spices, acids). I also eat hardly any processed foods, no dairy, no wheat/gluten.
    Whole cooked grains like millet and buckwheat work fine for me. Oats and flours (which are processed foods as well, organic or not), even gluten-free flours, will cause immediate bloating, at least in my case. As do potatoes, maybe due to the high starch content.
    Camomile tea or mallow tea also helps with the pain.
    Wishing everyone to get better quickly!

  • I have a complicated case – autoimmune gastritis (stomach produces no acid), hiatial hernia, gastropareis, kidney disease, plus other auto-immune diseases. Working through a list of food eliminates nearly everything due to one or more of my conditions. My current diet has been reduced to Ensure, home-made yogurt, occasional plain proteins, and a handful of various medications and supplements. I still get attacks of gastritis bad enough to send me to the ER to rule out another intestinal blockage. I had a GI doctor who put me through a battery of tests, gave me a batch of diagnoses, then tried to push meds on me that interfered with other meds I was taking (my pharmacist refused to fill the RX). When I tried to get a different treatment, I was cut off. I will see a new doctor in 6 days and counting (I had to wait 3 months for the appointment date). Hopefully, I will finally get some relief!

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