6 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common sleep-related breathing disorder. For mild sleep apnea, lifestyle changes may be an alternative to CPAP treatment.

lifestyle changes for sleep apnea

In most cases, a doctor will recommend lifestyle changes for sleep apnea before CPAP.

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Sleep apnea is obstructed breathing at night. For most people it is an anatomic problem, so medications or supplements are not helpful. Sleep apnea can range from mild to severe. For moderate to severe cases, the most effective treatment is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). [1,2]

CPAP is a machine and a mask you wear at night that forces air through your nose and throat. CPAP can be hard to get used to for some people. If CPAP does not work, the next step may be surgery. However, before resorting to CPAP, or surgery as a last resort, lifestyle changes may help, especially for mild sleep apnea. [1,2]

How Do You Know You Have Sleep Apnea?

The obvious symptoms of sleep apnea happen while you are asleep, so lots of people have it and don’t know it unless a sleep partner tells them. For most people sleep apnea happens when the tissues at the back of your throat collapse inward enough to obstruct breathing. The result is loud, noisy snoring with short, quiet periods of apnea, which is not breathing. [1,2]

In you don’t have a sleep partner to tell you about night time symptoms, you can suspect sleep apnea if you wake up with a dry sore throat, you wake up with a headache and feeling sleepy, or you have daytime sleepiness that causes you to be tired, irritable, and brain fogged. Having restless nights and waking up frequently is another warning sign. [1,2]

You may be at higher risk for sleep apnea as you get older. Tissues in the throat tend to get weaker and with age. You may also be at risk of you have a family history of sleep apnea or if you have a short, thick neck. Men are at higher risk than women. There is not much you can do about these risk factors, but other risk factors for sleep apnea can be changed. That’s where lifestyle changes come in. [1,2]

Lifestyle Changes to Help Sleep Apnea

In most cases, a doctor will recommend lifestyle changes for sleep apnea before CPAP. Even if you do need CPAP, these changes are still an important part of treatment:

1. Lose weight.

Being obese or overweight is the most important risk factor for sleep apnea. Losing weight may be the best treatment.

2. Get exercise.

Thirty minutes of brisk walking or another aerobic exercise can help you lose weight, but even without weight loss, exercise has been shown to improve sleep apnea.

3. Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol causes a deeper sleep and more collapse of your airway. Drink only in moderation, or avoid alcohol. Alcohol is most likely to cause sleep apnea if you drink before bedtime.

4. Don’t take sedative medications to help you sleep.

Sedative medications relax the muscles in your throat and make sleep apnea worse.

5. Don’t smoke.

Smoking triples the effect of sleep apnea. It causes your airway to be inflamed.

6. Don’t sleep on your back.

Sleeping on your back causes your soft palate to drop down into the back of your throat. Sleep on your side. It can also help to sleep with your chest and head elevated. You can prop up the head of your bed or sleep on a wedge. [1-3]

Other changeable risk factors can be treated with medication. Having long-term nasal congestion from allergies or sinusitis can contribute to sleep apnea. You doctor may treat these conditions along with lifestyle changes. [1,2]

Don’t Ignore Sleep Apnea

If you suspect sleep apnea let your doctor know. Your doctor may suspect sleep apnea from your symptoms, but the best way to diagnose this condition and determine severity is to do a sleep study, called nocturnal polysomnography. This test  is done while you sleep to measure your breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level. [1,2]

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious problem. It can increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. The good news is that it doesn’t always mean CPAP or surgery. Lifestyle changes may do the trick and give you and your sleeping partner a better night’s sleep. [1-2]



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  • I went to the cleaners and had the seamstress make a cervical collar that fit against both my chin and my chest so that it resisted me opining my mouth during the night. It is about an inch thick, pliable with a depression made in it to hold my chin in place. It had Velcro on it and was attached around my neck to hold it in place. It works very good.
    I also started a neck stretching program, specifically, neck extension, which will stretch out the muscles that have been getting tight in front of my neck that have created this problem in the first place.
    Lastly, I try to avoid sleeping fully on my back and so sleep a little on my side and add a little pillow to flex my neck some so the muscles in the front of my neck aren’t pulling my tongue backwards into my throat influencing my breathing. It is alot but all work very well together.

  • Been using a cpap for 16 years. For those who can not tolerate them – tolerate them! They work. It may take several types of masks or pillows to find one that is best. It’s better than suffering a dibilating stroke just because you don’t want to adjust. Everyone can adapt to virtually anything. It’s an attitude thing.

  • My OSA is diagnosed as moderate with a very small bit of CSA. I wear my mask every night and often for my afternoon nap–especially if no one else is home. I have had around a half dozen combinations of masks and machines; the current one seems best. Two things. The new combinations still frequently wakes me with heavy blowing. That–I assume is a sign it is doing its job–cuts into my sleeping, adding to the frequently waking with PBH (even recently helped by a TURP procedure). I have had periods of time using a “positional pillow” with uneven results. I regularly have a night reported by my machine as an average of zero to three leaks per night. With no obvious connection I still am reported with seven to eighteen apneaic events or episodes per hour. There seems to be nothing I can do to improve the sleep interruptions or episodes. My sleep physician (a neurologist by basic training with extensive additional training in sleep management) is leaning toward a dental device that appears to cost upwards of a half thousand dollars and appears not to be covered by my insurance (Medicare with Tricare for Life). Although the lack of credible results seem not to be as bad as the even more drastic surgery, there is little likelihood of significant results. I continue to look for solutions since my sleep manager together with my primary cardiologist are convinced that OSA is primary cause of my worsening pulmonary hypertension.

  • I have Severe Complex Sleep Apnea. Unfortunately the computer results of the computer monitor of my sleep came to 40 sleep apnea events per hour with the Apap machine. No leaks detected. Machine was set to 17 to 21 bileval I have both Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea. Another Doctor had look at my sleep studies and stated that I only have 18 obstructive Sleep Apnea along with 40 central sleep Apnea attacks. I was told that a trach would get rid of sleep apnea. So I got one. I ended up coughing violently I cough out my trach. That treatment did me no good! I was told that even a jaw extension would fail. I hope to fine an alternative treatment to the Apap machine.

  • I just did a sleep study, after bugging my doc because I have had fatigue etc for a long time. The in home study (a small bit of electronics velcroed to oneself) showed moderate sleep apnea. So off I went to the sleep clinic.


    The night clinic staff was very patient and kind. (also they sounded a bit like Dracula, because they were, in fact, from that part of the world…hmmmm). Even when I destroyed the TV by pushing the wrong buttons while pointing the remote at Antarctica or something…

    I started with the nose pillow thing. I could not sleep. I tossed, i turned, I threw covers around, I demonstrated Serious Twitchy Leg Syndrome. I turned the TV off…on….off… on… what was that about sasquatching???

    I finally threw the damn pillow from hell thing off and summoned the Nice Lady who tried some other masks… all progressively more impossible and claustrophobic.

    I will mention that I got an advanced open water scuba certification and did most of my diving in cold murky water in wetsuits (putting one on is precisely like wrestling a giant quid from the inside). I learned to deal with the strangling wetsuit, the choking BC and the heavy gear for that half hour I was in the water (once underwater, everything lightens and floats).

    No such possibility for the CPAP.

    I will point out Elaine Aron PhD’s book The Highly Sensitive Person; 15 – 20% of the population has these characteristics (including many animals). I can tick off every characteristic on her list. Sleeping with a thing obstructing your nose/mouth, a hose tangling and strangling you, straps squashing your face and head, and I CANNOT STAND ANYTHING ON THE BRIDGE ON MY NOSE!!!!

    Nope. Nope Train to Nopeville.

    I googling alternatives, this site is near the top of the list. Useful info, especially for those of us interested in a more natural lifestyle.


  • My sleep dr put me on a cpap machine I’m using the nasal pillow mask it worked for a while then a few months later started waking up gasping for air while using the cpap machine.. she then put me on a bipap machine still using the nasal pillows it worked a while and as with cpap started waking up gasping for air while using it.. my sleep doctor read the sd card and said she was puzzled that it showed I was having central sleep apnea.. I’m at my wit’s end I feel there is no helping my osa.. any suggestions from anyone who is experiencing what I am? Could it be I need a different kind of mask? Any suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated..

  • I’ve just been told that I have 20.2 apneic episodes per night and now I’ve got a medcial supply group calling me to fit me with one of those dreadful machines. Can any one who was as big skeptic as me–I think sleep clinics are just a scam to push these machines on people; they’ve created a nitch inducstry and now need to maintain it–eventually found a machine that helped them where they actually felt they slept better. Reading these posts, it just seems like an endless parade of mask changes, reading adjustments, try something else, until people just put up with the awful because they have a life and want to spend energy thinking about and doing something other than fixating on sleep.

  • My husband’s dentist wrote to the insurance that he can’t tolerate the CPAP and our medical insurance covered the mouth appliance. He hasn’t gone back for any sleep studies. But I sleep like a dream now, since there is NO SNORING with that appliance in his mouth.
    –Very Happy and Well -Rested Wife (oh, and also him.)

  • Hello, I am a 70 year old woman with OSA…around 25+ per night – dental appliance did
    not work no matter how much I ramped it up to thrust out the lower jaw, and currently using CPAP out of desperation but hate the things….NO ONE HAS MENTIONED AN ORAL FACIAL MYOFUNCTIONAL THERAPIST!!! She has legit training and also is a dental hygienist. Google it 🙂 I have started doing tongue exercises to strengthen my throat and she had me get a Frenotomy which is cutting the little skin section under your tongue — it has helped somewhat ( I was tongue tied as a baby) and also have seen a physio who had some other exercise to do…
    The other thing is to play the Didgeridoo – you can get small ones and otherwise sing a lot …like really open your throat and sing as much as possible to strengthen your vocal cords. Other thing is GO OFF WHEAT!! highly inflammatory… go gluten free if you can…. Find out if there is goo ( mucus) in your throat that causes it to stick together, take Golden Seal tincture to fight the bad bacteria in our throats… it might all sound crazy but any help is a good thing – pay attention to why your body is doing this…I am not overweight lead a pretty healthy life…its a very horrible condition. one last tip: tape your lips shut at night with micropore tape….

  • I am 39 yrs old and got 79 events per hour which is the highest OSA as per my sleep specialist. I am on BiPAP and it took more than a year to use it 7+ hrs during night. The best solution is never start with high pressure even if prescribed by doctor. Request doctor to cut the pressure to half and increase it gradually once in 2 months. It really works and you will have a good night sleep and of course an energetic day.

  • I have an extremely dry mouth. Wake up during the night with it. Have now developed a blurry left eye. Wonder if these symptoms are part of sleep apnea?

  • I had blurry vision & watery eyes when apnea was worse. Dry mouth could be a reason of breathing through your mouth while sleeping. Please consult with a sleep specialist to check for apnea condition.

  • Im a 28 years old. Have been suffering from OSA syptoms for 5 years since my first pregnancy due to the weight gain. I still havent done the sleep study yet (waiting for the hospital to call me for that due to a very long list of patients)
    Im currently trying to lose weight but until i achieve that i would like to try the supplements cures that was mentioned. Should I go for the three of them at once? Or should I try one suplement at a time until i find what works for me?
    What blood tests other than vitamin D should I do to get an advice from a doctor on what would be best for me?

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  • gave it 2 weeks. Was told I have severe complex sleep apnea. 77 per night. I now use a chin mask, and waiting for the tape to tape my mouth closed at night. Also ordered a tongue device from Ebay. I do not wake up gasping for air, I have energy and feel okay. I take apple cider vinegar and vitamin C before bed. Will just say my prayer, Now I lay me down to sleep, etc

  • Good News! Good News!
    ” INSPIRE”for sleep apnea suffers it the lastest technology on the market, now available it is a proceedure so new not even your Doctor or sleep specialist is aware of the new proceedure. please google INSPIRE FOR SLEEP APNEA and educate yourself then educate your care providers and last do what it takes to have the proceedure done. This is especially crucial for those like myself who cannot tolerate a cpap machine and is suffering from both central and obstructive sleep apneas. This new technology has been sent from heaven. Do your own research.

  • I was diagnosed in 2014 with “mild” sleep apnea, though it didn’t feel mild. After two weeks of cpap use I felt a lot better, and I was hoping I would feel better still. But the next couple of years was basically feeling somewhat okay on rare occasions, while most of the time feeling exhausted one way or the other. Now I’m out of work, broke, with no light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what I will awaken exhausted. My only hope is that my days are few; living like this isn’t worth it.

  • For the past 20 years I had been taking allergy shots and they had helped to keep my lungs clear, but after moving across country and being tested by two separate allergists who said I didn’t have allergies, but chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) my allergy shots stopped. One and a half years ago I started sweating profusely, worse than during menopause. Water literally dripped off my face. Gradually it started to disappear. The less the sweating became, the more I became breathless until I was gasping for air walking across a room. My lungs started to fill up with mucus which eventually turned into pneumonia. I lost touch with reality.I started on Health Herbal Clinic COPD Herbal formula treatment in May 2017, i read alot of positive reviews on their success rate treating COPD disease through their Herbal formula and i immediately started on the treatment. Just 7 weeks into the Herbal formula treatment I had great improvements with MY breething ,I am unbelievably back on my feet again, this is a breakthrough for all COPD Patients, visit Health Herbal Clinic official website www. healthherbalclinic. net or email info@ healthherbalclinic. net.

  • For the past 20 years I had been taking allergy shots and they had helped to keep my lungs clear, but after moving across country and being tested by two separate allergists who said I didn’t have allergies, but chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) my allergy shots stopped. One and a half years ago I started sweating profusely, worse than during menopause. Water literally dripped off my face. Gradually it started to disappear. The less the sweating became, the more I became breathless until I was gasping for air walking across a room. My lungs started to fill up with mucus which eventually turned into pneumonia. I lost touch with reality.I started on Health Herbal Clinic COPD Herbal formula treatment in May 2017, i read alot of positive reviews on their success rate treating COPD disease through their Herbal formula and i immediately started on the treatment. Just 7 weeks into the Herbal formula treatment I had great improvements with MY breething ,I am unbelievably back on my feet again, this is a breakthrough for all COPD Patients, visit Health Herbal Clinic official website

  • When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 5 years ago I read a book called Sleep Interrupted by Dr. Steven Park. This book greatly help me to understand sleep apnea in all its dimensions and to deal with it effectively. I really, really think that anybody who suffers from sleep apnea , mild, moderate or severe, should read this book…..it could literally change your life, it changed mine.
    Good Luck and don’t stop learning about your condition and how to treat it, your life is at stake…..you can do it!!!

  • Gewoon lekker blaffen als een hond en daarna voel je rust in je lichaam,ontspanning helpt beter te slapen en het gevecht tegen de gedachte van ademstops te reduceren,succes!

  • Just was told I have mild SA 7 per her. Tried the nose pillows last. Still trying to get over the feeling I lasted 45 mins never fell asleep then I took it off as my nose closed from the air flow . I wanted it to work but this is the most invasive treatment I ca. Think of- cover my nose force air down my nose and keep my mouth shut . The stupid machine sound of each breath again is hell – I can’t do this losing weight doing anything that isn’t this machine to fix the problem. Why would anyone want air forced in to your air wats my teeth hurt from being named together by my tongue / I tried to think of the positive but I became upset my heat rate jumped and this was to help with my afib. I think one more night of that machine might cause a heart attack !

  • With all of our technology advancing so fast, we put a mask on our face so we can sleep better. That is like putting a band aid on instead of fixing the problem. A band aid you would have to wear the rest of your life. I am in the process of coming up with an idea that changes the way we sleep, ie flat bed or such to see if sleeping a different way is possible, but would like some intelligent feed back as to if my suggestion would work.

  • I’ve realized that I’ve probably had Sleep Apnea since High School. There were so times that I would doze off and catch myself from snoring more than1 or 2 seconds. It was around that time in my life when I realized waking up was hell, but I was younger and more resistant. As I transitioned through College and then the Navy, I was told that my snoring was terrible and when I was about to retire from Service I did my first sleep study that proved that my condition was severe. It’s been what I guess to be 35 to 40 years and my condition (even after getting the 5 surgeries done in concert) is at its worst I’ve had to move from 4 residences because of retaliation from others keeping me up every time I would dose off and snore. So far my solutions have been to exercise more (doesn’t work because the condition causes you to hold onto fat stores), place in earplugs while sleeping (doesn’t work because retaliation involves super loud noises), CPAP (works a little, but my brain I feel needs some snoring to stimulate some of the gH that is realeased to make me feel revitalized-I think there should be studies done on this), sleeping on my side (I still snore the minute I go under…then someone slams something into a wall or floor and I suffer with no REM sleep). The only ways I’m not awakened by retaliation is severe drunkeness or heavy doses of Valerian the sleeping root. I still awaken partial amiss because of the retaliation that still slightly offsets my sleep patterns. Lately I’ve removed as many Amalgams (mercury related fillings) and have been drinking Detox tea as well as Smoothies with Beet, Ginger,Lemon,& Carrot. I’ve also purchased some Calcium Bentonite to start taking internally as a detox. I’ve been taking High Blood Pressure Medications and Vitamin D (5000iu) since my levels are severely low. I also plan on ingesting Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth, Psillium Husk. I am also topically applying Magnesium Oil as an additional factor to increase the Chelation of any possible heavy metals that may be damaging my central nervous system and giving me this case of central sleep apnea. Please reply if you think I may be onto something.

  • I snore and have been diagnosed in a sleep lab as having apnea. My question: If I cure the snoring, will the apnea also be cured?

  • Eat something SALTY before bed and wear a breath easy nose strip. Sleep on your side. Also have a fan blowing directly on you all night.

  • Their is a new surgery called INSPIRE for sleep apnea. But you will have a small scar on your chin and a scar on your chest. LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET to see if your interested.

  • I work in an Orthodontic clinic on the island of Aruba (Dutch Caribbean) where we have a treatment which combines Dentofacial Orthopedics + Orthodontics. This treatment consists of expanding the palate (upper jaw), while the lower jaw is moved a bit more forward (Mandibular advancement) in order to -PERMANENTLY- open the airway in 2 different places. 1- the nasal passageway and 2- the pharynx. When we expand the palate (which is the roof of the mouth but at the same time is floor of the nose) we create more space inside the nasal cavity to increase the amount of oxygen that enters, and advancing the maxilla allows the oxygen to flow freely.
    We are currently documenting a case of a 60 year old patient that had severe OSAS (AHI 56/h) that was referred to us by a Pulmonologist. The patient stopped using his CPAP after the first 4 days of starting the treatment, by the next 2 weeks he reported being more energetic during the day, sleeping 6 hours straight, no more visits to the restroom during the night and no more snoring (as per his wife). After the second month of treatment he underwent a new polysomnography test and the results were staggering… He is now AHI 26/h, he is no longer considered a Severe OSA patient and we are still waiting to the new reports after he is done with his treatment. The treatment to reduce sleep apnea takes only 3 to 4 months, and the rest is purely Orthodontics to align the teeth.
    Look online for Kawaiah Orthodontics to see the videos and more information about the treatment. 😉

  • Lose weight!
    I have used a cpap machine for around 15 years. I did not find it a problem but the Velcro straps were getting a bit stretched. At 6ft 2in and 19 1/2 stone I was clinically obese but only felt overweight.
    A couple of months ago I had a tooth out using the well known “savagely” technique. I really thought my jaw was broken and for many weeks I could not open my mouth to eat anything larger than a pea. This dramatically reduced my food intake and I noticed that I was losing weight. My mouth is now normal but I am continuing to eat less, having learnt a few tips.
    I am now steady at 17 stone and I sleep without my mask. As soon as my head touches the pillow I am asleep and only wake to have a pee, two or three times a night. No snoring, no daytime fatigue. All I have to do now is keep the weight off.

  • I never took into account the fact that this kind of condition can lead to a cardiovascular disease since it is connected to high blood pressure and the likes. With that in mind, I will be getting my partner checked since he is showing the signs of this condition. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night due to the loudness of his snoring. http://sleepmedicinegroup.com/

  • I am suffering from sleep apnea from a long time. I can’t breathe while sleep. I can’t sleep well at night. My age is 35 only. I have searched online and also taken reviews from people who are suffering from sleep apnea. Before using, I have also searched for CPAPMax pillow reviews and found it better for me. Earlier I have tried CPAP mask, but I got pain using that.

  • I was diagnosed with OSA (severe 55 events/hr) about 8 years back. I religiously wear my CPAP and can tolerate it well. I hate to travel with it though. But, I am concerned that it may damage my normal breathing mechanism. I am not overweight (155 Lbs) and 5 Ft 8. So, I am at a loss on how to get rid of it. Any ideas are greatly appreciated (I am starting to workout more – hoping that is enough to get rid of this scourge). What the hell kind of life is this if I can’t even sleep as God intended us to!!!

  • I can tell that it’s directly connected to your MIND and BREATHING. I don’t have SA since I am 26. If you breath through your nose and control your stress you will sleep very well at night without the machine. For all those suffering, check out frolov breathing device or Check out buteyko breathing method or breathing device trainers. A big CAUSE is MENTAL stress that changes the breathing pattern. Since then, I can train hard, study, focus, meditate, life is great :D. I am unleashing my human potential. Lookup also vipassana.

  • I personally think that apnea can be greatly worsened by allergies. My tips for those with allergies as well as apnea are:

    1. Remove the allergens from your life to the best of your ability.
    2. Shower before bed to remove allergens from your body.
    3. Clean your sheets and sleeping garments very frequently.
    4. Netipot if necessary before you go to sleep (which I don’t do that often, mostly since you have to use distilled water to be safe and at times I’m just lazy…)

    Hope that helps someone out there!

  • Oh, and I also sleep with a T-shirt that has a back pocket in which I put in a tennis ball. It helps lower the chances of you spending time on your back.

  • Lost 30 lbs using Wheat Belly way of eating and no longer snore. Should be getting discharge soon from neurologist who said I no longer have sleep apnea! Stop eating wheat, grains, sugar, rice, corn. After 1 week all cravings stop, so weight is easy to lose. Hated the CPAP masks and machines as I was asymptomatic except for snoring. Felt great b4 COAP; awful with it!!

  • I cured my severe CSA. It was horrible. The worst time in my life. Avoiding sleep at all cost. The anxiety and the fear of sleeping made me stay awake. I nearly went mad! During the day I was a zombie. A vicious cycle of brainnfog from lack of sleep..I decided to sit down at my computer and find the answer. The first thing that needs to be done is go and get your blood checked. Find out what your body is lacking. I was very low on V-D and I was under oxidative stress. I went vegan over night. No dairy, no gluten and I went and got a detox kit. One for the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and colon in one kit(20 day detox) and I used it. Serrapeptase, selenium, chlorella, and NAC, omega 3. And it was gone in less that 2 weeks. If your brain isnt making the connection to the rest of the body there is a reason why. RNA/ DNA is important as a suppliment which is in Chlorella. You have to detox the body to rid whatever is causing the stress. Do a 7 day water and lemon fast…and I promise you you will see a difference. Clear the gut. The gut effects the mind. Eat clean. Also find a way to manage the anxiety, its a direct link to CSA.. Mine was through the roof. Im still working on it but its getting better every day. I had a nap yesterday and felt rested for the first time in forever. Im starting to feel like me again.
    I am female and mine was so bad I didnt want to live anymore. I was feeling so hopless. With out sleep we are useless. Trust me..detox the hell out of your body. And fasting for 7 days even 3 days and you will see a difference.

  • Very disappointing article. References 8 to 15 are missing, so there is no credibility whatsoever to the relevant sections of this article. If the author is unable to qualify statements made, please don’t publish!

    • Hi Ross, thank you for comment. The references weren’t left out intentionally. Most likely, they were accidentally erased. We’re working to find and include the correct references.

  • In my case this is completely psychological, I use to have it when I under stress or went through stress but lately (after break up long term relationship) this became a daily night mare.. with 100 times waking up just to start to breath again, because otherwise I stop breathing as soon as my consciousness shuts down as soon as I start to fall asleep, every single time – all night long. my blood test is good, my diet is good, my weight is normal, I hike 3-4 times days a week, there is no obstruction in my airways, I dont even snore… I just don’t breath when I sleep… I don’t know what to do…

  • If you use a dental device it will eventually move your lower teeth forward in your jaw and require braces to fix. Also the dental appliance will lose effectiveness as time goes on since the jaw moves backwards over time. $6,000 to fix what a $500 dental apnea appliance did to my teeth. Just adding this to the mix. Apnea is a curse.

  • I am 74 and my husband is 76. In 2016 our eldest daughter then 46 got breast cancer. While she had her treatment, I encouraged a change in diet. She started juicing every day. My husband and I decided to juice as well, and we made up a concoction on many healthy ingrediences. At the time my husband had been snoring every night for 50yrs and stopped breathing which was at time alarming. After two months on the juicing he totally stopped snoring and it has now been 3yrs. We have cut back the juicing to about once a week and he is still maintaining that he can breathe perfectly through both nostrils, and doesn’t store.

  • Has anyone found that neck? throat? or tongue? exercises can be helpful in treating sleep apnea.? I will be interested to learn of any . Thank you.

  • I am 24yrs old and i have a seious problem of sleep apnea that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. And sometimes it really causes your health

  • I had never heard of the CPAP, I think it is cool that it can keep the airway open to prevent pauses in breathing and sustain normal oxygen levels. My sister has been saying that she thinks that she has sleep apnea, and it sounds like she does when I read the symptoms of it. I think I have heard of a way to get rid of sleep apnea through surgical methods, maybe she should look into that. https://sleep-doctor.com/surgical-treatment-overview/choosing-right-surgery-snoring-sleep-apnea/

  • Very well-researched information about sleep apnea. A lot of people all over the world are suffering from sleep apnea and other sleep problems. Avoiding digital electronic device that emits radiation, regular exercise, healthy diet, comfortable room temp, using a good mattress, etc can improve our sleeping. I personally bought a comfortable mattress from https://www.mattressinsight.com/. Thank you for your great information.

  • Really liked your post. I am now 45 years old and suffering from sleep apnea. I am trying to cure sleep apnea from root. I am applying home remedies to cure sleep apnea. Recently I came across cpap mask reviews and thinking to try one mask, hope it will help me to have good night sleep. AT this point,I am glad that I have found your post. I will must apply your tricks to cure sleep apnea.

  • I began taking very high quality true vitamin Chondroitin sulfate with oleic acid, fish oil and several high quality antioxidants thru the day. Within 2 weeks, my sleep apnea symptoms began to go away. I am feeling much more energy. Also, before starting this regime, I found using a mouth piece helped to hold throat open when sleeping. Many vendors let you try for 30 days or full refund. I tried 4 before finding one that worked well. I no longer require mouth piece. I couldn’t use a cpap.

  • Tape your mouth! I have discovered that by putting a small strip of surgical tape across my mouth I get amazing readings on my Cpap machine using the nasal pillow. I sometimes don’t even bother to use the machine at all just tape my mouth.

  • I suffered from daytime sleepiness and tiredness for one month. During this month, I was unable to go for work for two weeks because I was weak and unable to concentrate my work. After seeing 5 Doctors, the last doctor told me I might have suffered from sleep apnea and referred to ENT doctor for check up. While waiting for my appointment with ENT doctor, I search online, including this UHN and comments, what is sleep apnea and how to cure it. I read through the comments in this website and others, I have changed my life style, no exercise, no musical playing before 4 hours of go to bed, sleep with two pillows and sleep side, neck stretching exercise, more importantly mouth exercise, take vitamin C, D and omega 3. After one week, I am no more suffering from daytime sleepiness and tiredness. I haven’t seen ENT doctor yet, the appointment is two weeks away. But these simple neck and mouth exercises work for me.

  • This article informs about the tips on treatment for sleep apnea and basic symptoms of sleep apnea. I am using the CPAP mask for side sleepers for a long time period. I have satisfied to use it and have not any complaint on this. But I want to switch from this mask and for this, I think this information is very effective for me. I want to follow these natural tips and I can control my problem without CPAP mask.

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