Stress & Anxiety

Stressed out, tired man.

Stress as a Cause of Fatigue

· · Stress & Anxiety
Chronic or severe stress is a very common cause of fatigue. Stress is a real or interpreted threat that results in physical and behavioral responses that are designed to help the body adapt. Situations that are new, unpredictable, or that appear threatening or uncontrollable activate the body’s stress response systems, … Read More
Episodic acute stress is one time of stress that occurs when people take on too much, and are constantly bombarded with acute stress.

3 Types of Stress: How to Manage

· · Stress & Anxiety
Stress affects us all, regardless of race, gender or income level. However, the length and severity of stress varies enormously from person to person. According to the American Psychological Association, there are three main types of stress: • Acute (short term) • Episodic (more constant acute stress) • Chronic (long … Read More

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