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Shandley McMurray

Shandley McMurray is an author and editor based in Connecticut. Currently working as an author for Belvoir Media Group, Shandley writes articles for their consumer health website, University Health News, and creates Special Health Reports. Over the past 22 years, Shandley has worked as Managing Editor for InBetween magazine and Associate Health Editor at Glow, among other positions. As a freelance writer, she has written articles for magazines and newspapers across the globe, including: Chatelaine, InBetween, Time Out New York Kids, The Globe and Mail, Parents Canada, and Today’s Parent. She has also contributed stories to online magazines like akamommagazine.com, chatelaine.com, macleans.ca, travelmindset.com, and todaysparent.com. In her spare time, Shandley has penned three books: Hey Baby! What’s Your Name? A Canadian Guide to Naming Your Baby (John Wiley and Sons), On The Reef (co-authored with her mother, Judith McMurray, and published by Firefly Books), and Under Your Nose (another collaboration with her mother, also published by Firefly Books). After spending 30 years in Toronto, five in New York, and six in London, Shandley finally settled into a cozy house on a quiet street in Connecticut with her husband and two kids. To learn more, visit www.shandleymcmurray.com.

Articles by Shandley McMurray

Is Ice Cream Bad for You?

It happened just like that. You sat on the couch, spoon in hand, to enjoy a few spoonfuls of your favorite ice cream. Suddenly, you were staring down the barrel of an empty carton, with remnants of Rocky Road splattered on your chin. “Not again,” you cried. As you pondered … Read More

How to Prevent and Treat a Clogged Ear

Do sounds become muffled when you’ve got a cold? Does your ear feel blocked after a long swim? Sounds like you’re suffering from clogged ear, an annoying condition that can make hearing a challenge. While a clogged ear can indicate an ear infection, it could also be … Read More
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