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Jay Roland

Jay Roland has been executive editor of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Mind, Mood & Memory since 2017. Previously, he held the same position with Cleveland Clinic’s Heart Advisor, since 2007. In addition to having contributed articles to many Belvoir newsletters, Jay serves as editor of several special reports, including Combating Memory Loss and Coronary Artery Disease. He also wrote the Confronting Adult ADHD online guide for Harvard Health Publishing. Jay is currently a group director with the health division at Belvoir Media, which publishes dozens of monthly newsletters, annual special health reports, online guides, and e-books. Roland graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Articles by Jay Roland

Manage Your Stress During the Coronavirus Crisis

“Excessive anxiety is a common response to situations like this and we need to manage our own anxiety as best as we can,” says Maurizio Fava, MD, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital and director of the Division of Clinical Research at the Mass General Research Institute. Dr. Fava is also … Read More

Cold Extremities: Why Do I Have Cold Hands and Feet?

If you’re starting to experience cold extremities more frequently these days, you may want to share those cold hands and feet symptoms with your doctor at your next visit. Chances are there is nothing seriously wrong with your health to trigger chilly fingers and toes. But because circulation problems may … Read More

Tightness in Chest: Does It Always Signal a Heart Attack?

It may be a classic heart-attack symptom, but pressure or discomfort or tightness in your chest doesn’t always accompany a heart attack. For some people, particularly women, pain in other places may be their main symptoms. For others, chest discomfort comes and goes—the result of a condition called angina, which … Read More
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