prediabetic symptoms

8 Recently Discovered Prediabetic Symptoms You Can Identify Yourself

· · Diabetes
One of the unfortunate things about type 2 diabetes is that classic diabetes symptoms—excessive urination and thirst, for instance—rarely occur until the disease is well advanced. This means diabetes often remains undiagnosed for many years, such that approximately 50 percent of patients already have dangerous diabetes-related complications by the time … Read More
can diabetics drink alcohol

Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol?

· · Diabetes
If you have diabetes, you’ve probably been advised to watch your consumption of sugary soft drinks, coffees laden with flavored syrups, and sweet teas. All the sugar in those beverages can send your blood sugar skyrocketing. But can diabetics drink alcohol? After all, many alcoholic beverages contain carbohydrates, which your … Read More
is there a cure for diabetes

Is There a Cure for Diabetes?

· · Diabetes
Every year in the United States, 1.5 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, and it's the seventh-leading cause of death, according to the American Diabetes Association. Can diabetes be cured? Let's first consider the two main types: Type 1 (or juvenile) diabetesaccounts for 5 percent of all cases. Type 2 … Read More
diabetic shock

Diabetic Shock and Diabetic Emergencies: Hypoglycemia vs. Hyperglycemia

· · Diabetes
Diabetic emergencies and diabetic shock can occur either when your blood glucose level becomes dangerously low (hypoglycemia) or when it becomes dangerously high (hyperglycemia). If you're managing diabetes, it's important to understand the difference—and how to react. Hypoglycemia | Hyperglycemia Here, we dig into both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, pinpointing the … Read More
diabetic feet

Tread Carefully to Protect Your Diabetic Feet

· · Diabetes
The nervous system can be thought of like a tree, with the spinal cord as the trunk and the peripheral nerves of the feet as the tiniest branches. And, just as those miniscule limbs are easily broken by the elements, so too can the small nerves in the feet be damaged … Read More
how to avoid diabetes

How to Avoid Diabetes: 4 Steps to Take

· · Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is currently not preventable, though research focused on what causes it may one day lead to preventative measures. For type 2 and gestational diabetes, however, many of the treatment options involving lifestyle changes can help delay or even prevent diabetes. Here, we offer four lifestyle tips on … Read More

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