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Jim Black

Jim Black has served as executive editor of Cleveland Clinic’s Men’s Health Advisor newsletter since 2005. He has written about prostate diseases, men’s health, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a wide array of other health topics for print and digital media. He is the author of Managing Your Cholesterol: Take Charge of Your Heart Health and Managing Your Blood Pressure: Proven Steps for Treating and Avoiding Hypertension, published by University Health News. He also is the update author of two Cleveland Clinic Special Health Reports—Prostate Health: Diagnosing, Preventing, and Treating Cancer and Other Diseases of the Prostate, and Arthritis: Leading a Full Life Through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Pain Relief—published by Belvoir Media Group. Also, Jim writes periodically for Cleveland Clinic Florida’s Cancer Talk newsletter. Previously, he spent 15-plus years as a newspaper staff writer and editor, and was an adjunct faculty member at Waynesburg University, in Pennsylvania.

Articles by Jim Black

No Gym, No Problem

Chances are your local fitness center is closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If it’s not, you’re wise not to work out in a crowded gym populated by people breathing heavily, exhaling saliva droplets, and touching the same exercise equipment as you—essentially, the equivalent of pumping iron in a … Read More

PSA Lab Test Results: These 10 Factors Can Affect Your Numbers

It’s well known that the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test used to screen for prostate cancer is imprecise. Elevations in PSA levels may signal prostate cancer, but they also may be due to nonmalignant prostate conditions. Further complicating the screening process is that several medications and a number of other modifiable … Read More

Diverticulitis Diet: Smart Food Choices Keep the Pain at Bay

Once you’ve reached your senior years, there’s a better-than-average chance you have diverticulosis, the development of small pockets, or diverticula, in the muscular layers of the colon (large intestine). Sounds serious, right? Not always. In fact, most of the time these pockets are harmless. But, about four out of 100 … Read More

Overcoming White Coat Syndrome

Factors such as your emotional state, physical activity, pain level, and intake of caffeine or nicotine can drive up your blood pressure in the short term, making it difficult to get an accurate reading in the doctor’s office. This condition is referred to as the “white-coat” effect or “white-coat” syndrome. … Read More
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