Aging & Independence


Yoga Unites the Body and Mind

Yoga strengthens and stretches the body while also using the breath to focus and calm the mind. The practice offers multiple benefits for everyone, especially older adults. Yoga is a wonderful exercise on its own and a complement to other sports and physical activities. Originating in India, yoga has been … Read More
causes of dizziness

Causes of Dizziness in Older Adults

Dizziness is not a specific medical disorder, but a set of symptoms frequently reported in older adults. Dizziness can be caused by many underlying factors that could involve the eyes, ears, thyroid, lungs, bladder, musculoskeletal system, brain, and heart. The emergency room physician who treats a patient with dizziness has … Read More
maintain hand-eye coordination

How to Keep Hand-Eye Coordination from Declining

In his high school and college days, Rick was an outstanding basketball player—good shooter, prolific scorer. He was even better at ping-pong (table tennis, for purists)—good hands, quick reflexes, great hand-eye coordination. For Rick, playing ping-pong eventually gave way to work, family, church, and other responsibilities and interests. Decades years … Read More

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