BRCA Gene Screen Recommendations

· · Cancer
The more than 20,000 genes that we each inherit from our parents determine everything from our athletic ability to whether we love or hate cilantro. Our parents can pass along more than eye color, however, in the form of genetic mutations. While all people have the breast cancer (BRCA) 1 … Read More

Alcohol Impacts Breast Health

· · Cancer
You probably know that having a family history of breast cancer and/or genes associated with breast cancer raise your risk for the disease. But are you aware of the role alcohol plays in breast cancer risk? Recent research (BMJ Open, June 17) suggests that many women are not. The study … Read More

Monitoring Your Colon Health

· · Cancer
Although colorectal cancer can be diagnosed at any age, more than 90 percent of cases occur in people age 50 or older. The main reason for this is that age increases your risk for the small colon polyps (growths) that can develop into tumors. These polyps also progress very slowly—it … Read More

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