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Get Informed About Uterine Cancer

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Although uterine cancer remains rare, it is one of the few cancers for which incidence and mortality are increasing in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moreover, a 2019 study carried out by National Cancer Institute (NCI) researchers shows a sharp rise in the … Read More

Quell Cancer Symptoms and Lower Disease Risk

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Last year, 78-year-old Lou was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He called it the “bad kind,” meaning aggressive and likely to be invasive. It’s not an unusual diagnosis for a man of his age. He was offered a “watch and wait” approach that would include diagnostic procedures every three to six … Read More

From the Editor: Stay Sun-Safe This Summer

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At this time of the year, most of us are looking forward to getting outdoors in the sun. Bright sunshine can help boost your mood—plus, it also stimulates the body to produce vitamin D, which plays an important role in bone health. But if you love nothing more than spending … Read More

Are You Protecting Vulnerable Areas From the Sun?

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Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it the bright sunshine that makes us all feel happier and more active, but also raises our risk for skin cancer. Along with other sun-safe strategies, applying sunscreen to any exposed skin can help protect you from this potentially lethal disease. But are you … Read More

Newsbriefs: Alzheimer’s; Testicular Cancer; Telemedicine; Air Pollution; Blue Light; Overeating; Zika

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Tau Protein Is a Reliable Predictor of Alzheimer’s Disease. Tau protein tangles more accurately predict future brain atrophy than amyloid-beta plaques do, according to a report in the January issue of Science Translational Medicine. Researchers found that they can use brain imaging to predict specifically where atrophy will develop and … Read More

Newsbriefs: Cosmetics; Obesity; Prostate Cancer

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Life-Threatening Cosmetics. Researchers reported in the Journal of Applied Micro­biology that nine out of 10 cosmetic products that they tested were contaminated with potentially dangerous fungi and bacteria, including Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Applied close to the eyes, on the mouth, and on broken skin, contaminated applicator sponges, mascara, … Read More

The Prognostication of Colorectal Polyps

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If everyone followed current colorectal cancer screening recommendations, the incidence and mortality of the disease would likely plummet. While most colonoscopies are uneventful, 15% to 40% lead to the discovery of adenomas, benign clusters of cells that have the potential to turn into cancer. By removing them, a gastroenterologist eliminates … Read More

BRCA Gene Screen Recommendations

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The more than 20,000 genes that we each inherit from our parents determine everything from our athletic ability to whether we love or hate cilantro. Our parents can pass along more than eye color, however, in the form of genetic mutations. While all people have the breast cancer (BRCA) 1 … Read More

Alcohol Impacts Breast Health

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You probably know that having a family history of breast cancer and/or genes associated with breast cancer raise your risk for the disease. But are you aware of the role alcohol plays in breast cancer risk? Recent research (BMJ Open, June 17) suggests that many women are not. The study … Read More

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