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Kate Brophy

Kate Brophy is Executive Editor of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai's Focus on Healthy Aging newsletter. She has been a regular contributor to Weill Cornell Medical College's Women's Nutrition Connection and Women's Health Advisor, Duke Medicine's Health News, UCLA's Healthy Years, and the Cleveland Clinic's Heart Advisor, and has edited health Special Reports for the Cleveland Clinic, the Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, and Duke Medicine's Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine. Before specializing in health, Kate was editor of one of the UK's market-leading parenting magazines, and she has also contributed to Parents, Parenting, Scholastic Parent and Child, DailyParent.com, and Gurgle.com, as well as being launch editor for Supernanny.com.

Articles by Kate Brophy

Osteoporosis -3.0? What Your T-Score Means for Your Bone Health

What is osteoporosis? Think of it this way: Healthy bones are in a state of continuous breakdown and rebuilding. This process, called remodeling, is performed by specialized cells called osteoclasts, which resorb (break down) old bone, and osteoblasts, which form new bone. In young adults, remodeling happens in a balanced … Read More

Do You Have Chronic Dehydration?

Water is one of the health essentials you probably don’t think about much, but chronic dehydration can have significant impact on your well-being. Furthermore, we wouldn’t survive long without it. Water makes up about three-quarters of our body weight; we obtain it via the fluids we drink (obviously!), and from … Read More

Exertion Headache? Consider the Causes and Try These Treatments

If you tend to develop a headache while exercising or start feeling a headache after you exercise, it’s likely that you’re suffering from the exertion headache phenomenon. You’re more likely to experience an exertion headache if you also suffer from migraine symptoms, which can also stem from vigorous exercise. Exertion … Read More

What’s Causing Your Upper Back Pain?

As a rule, upper back pain is unusual, since the upper back is structurally stronger than the lower back and also isn’t as mobile, due to being connected to the rib cage. This lack of motion affords it some protection against the bending-twisting types of injury you might sustain in … Read More
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