Bringing the Outside In

· · Cancer
A respite in nature is a well-known and scientifically validated de-stressor. But, how can you infuse yourself with nature’s power if you’re too sick to spend much time outside? To answer that need, clinical oncology social worker Sydney Siegel, MSW, Simms/Mann UCLA Center of Integrative Oncology, developed a unique workshop called … Read More

Lose Weight to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

· · Cancer
Postmenopausal women may be able to reduce their risk of developing invasive breast cancer by losing just 5 percent of their body weight, according to a study published in Cancer. Several studies have found an association between obesity and breast cancer, so a team of researchers from 11 medical centers … Read More

Can Vitamin D Protect Against Cancer?

· · Cancer
The VITAL trial we’re looking at in this month’s cover article on fish oil also looked at vitamin D’s possible benefits when it comes to preventing cancer. The data showed that rates of specific forms of cancer (including breast, prostate and colorectal) did not differ significantly between the groups. But … Read More

Breast Cancer Screening After Age 75

· · Cancer
Although the risk of breast cancer increases with age many older women stop having mammograms in their later years—this despite an American Cancer Society (ACS) recommendation that screening continue. “The ACS advice reflects the fact that regular screening mammography saves lives,” says Laurie Margolies, MD, professor of radiology and director … Read More

Processed Meats and Cancer: It’s Not Just Nitrates

· · Cancer
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 34,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide are attributable to diets high in processed meats. While that number pales in comparison to the one million or so global cancer deaths related to smoking, it is significant enough to warrant a hard look at … Read More

Coping With Cancer Treatment

· · Cancer
A recent report (Cancer, July 1) suggests that overall U.S. cancer death rates are decreasing, although progress in reducing mortality has not occurred for all cancers. Where improvement has occurred, it is likely due to improved methods of detecting and treating cancer. When it comes to the latter, radiation therapy, … Read More

Internal Medicine Newsbriefs

· · Cancer
Minimally Invasive Surgery Riskier for Early Cervical Cancer A stunning new study published in October in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that minimally invasive surery (MIS) is associated with a higher risk of cervical cancer recurrence than traditional surgery. In the study, 300 women had MIS to remove the … Read More

Frontline: Breast Cancer Drug Trial; Muscle-Strengthening Exercise; Chronic Inflammation & Alzheimer’s Disease

· · Cancer
Drug Extends Survival Time for Breast Cancer Patients An international clinical trial called PALOMA-3 evaluated the medication palbociclib in 521 women with hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer whose cancer had relapsed or progressed following treatment with hormone therapy. Palbociclib (brand name Ibrance) is a novel oral drug that inhibits enzymes that … Read More

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