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Ball of Foot Pain

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One moment you’re fine and the next it feels like you stepped on a bee, but you didn’t. Searing ball of foot pain can affect runners, dancers, power walkers, and also can simply happen when shoes don’t fit properly. Untreated foot pain may spiral into greater problems, such as pain … Read More

Foot or Ankle Arthritis Needn’t Slow You Down

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The hips and knees aren’t the only joints in which arthritis is common—the feet and ankles also are at risk. This is partly because of their workload: they keep you upright, help you balance, and are vital for shock absorption as you walk or run. In the case of your … Read More

Options for Knee Osteoarthritis

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Treatments for knee osteoarthritis (OA) fall into these basic categories: self-care, medically managed, minimally invasive, and surgical. Here we review what’s shown to be the most effective, relevant treatments according the degree of OA damage.

Advances in Understanding and Treatment

OA was once thought of as purely a “wear and tear” mechanical … Read More

Frontline: Prolla & Jaw Problems; Knee & Hip Replacements; Singles Risk for Cancer Patients

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Women Taking Prolia Rarely Have Jaw Problems

When deciding whether or not to take osteoporosis drugs, many women voice concerns about the possible side effect of jawbone deterioration (called osteonecrosis of the jaw, or ONJ). This side effect has been reported in patients taking bisphosphonate drugs, which include alendronate (Fosamax), zoledronic … Read More

Exercise Can Ease the Pain of Knee Osteoarthritis

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An estimated 14 million people in the U.S. have knee osteoarthritis, and, among adults age 45 and older, a higher percentage of women than men are diagnosed with the condition, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Knee osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage has worn away on the ends of the two bones … Read More

Bone-Building Meds Battle Osteoporosis

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As the population ages, osteoporosis is a growing problem in both women and men. Loss of bone mineral density (BMD) increases the risk of fractures, which can lead to disability, pain, and reduced quality of life. Hip fractures are particularly dangerous. They’re linked to a higher risk of death, particularly … Read More

How Diet Impacts Bone Health

· · Bones & Joints
Healthy bone is a balancing act. Our bodies continually remove older bone and replace it with new. As adults, if we lose bone at too fast a rate, replace it at too slow a rate, or both, the result is osteoporosis—weak, porous bones that fracture easily. The National Osteoporosis Foundation … Read More

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