ptosis woman with droopy eyelid

How to Fix a Droopy Eyelid

Droopy upper eyelids that occur with age affect both eyes. Your eyelids themselves don’t really droop. The skin above your eyelids gets loose and droops over your lids. As you age your skin loses fat and elasticity, becoming thin and saggy. Because the skin of your eyelids is some of … Read More
woman sleeping with weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket Benefits

If you go to Amazon or search Google for weighted blankets, you will find many options with average prices ranging from twenty-five to one hundred dollars. There is nothing very technical about a weighted blanket. It is just a blanket with more weight evenly distributed into the banket so it … Read More
man seeing cardiovascular doctor

When to Worry About PVCs

A PVC is a premature ventricular contraction. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a PVC feels like your heart is skipping a beat but it’s really not. A PVC is an early heartbeat, meaning there is a longer pause till the next heartbeat. It is a pause, not a … Read More

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