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core muscles

3 Signs That Your Core Muscles Need Work

The “abs” get most of the attention in advertisements for strength devices, and a big waist is something almost everyone tries to avoid. But the first sign of  weak core muscles is poor posture—both standing and sitting. Other signs are back pain and muscle weakness. Poor Posture The American Physical … Read More
strength training

Strength Training for Brain Health

· · Aging & Independence
Aerobic exercise may be the kind of workout most closely associated with brain health benefits. Think about the circulation boost you get from a brisk walk or game of tennis. But strength training with weights, machines, resistance bands or your own body weight (think push-ups) also may help improve cognition. … Read More
flexibility exercises

Flexibility Exercises: 3 Low-Impact Options

The best one-size-fits-all class for flexibility is an aerobic exercise group class. The ultimate goal is aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness, but instructors and their students have to go through warm-up and flexibility exercises before getting to the aerobic component. If you are a beginner or older adult not used to regular … Read More
core fitness equipment

6 Core Fitness Equipment Options

Some people are reluctant to begin an exercise because they think sophisticated machines or expensive gym equipment are needed. Not so with core fitness. The core can be strengthened using body-weight exercises—using your own body as resistance —or easy-to-use balls, free weights, bands, and even chairs. Body Weight The classic … Read More
balance exercises

3 Balance Exercises for Mobility

Regardless of your age or physical condition, you can improve your balance and increase your mobility. First, determine your strengths and weaknesses. A doctor, physical therapist, or other health care professional can help. Next, find a set of easy balance exercises that fits your needs. The following are three exercises … Read More

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