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Impact of Aging on Gut Health

The health of the gut microbiome, the complex community of bacteria and other microorganisms that live in the large intestine, has been linked to everything from digestive health to bone health to brain health. Does it play a role in aging, too? Research has found that our population of gut … Read More

How to Build More Muscle

· · Aging & Independence
If you’ve stopped seeing results from your strength-training workouts, it’s time for a change. “It’s important to vary your routine and mix resistance training with more functional movements,” says Susan Stich, PT, UCLA Medical Center. “Functional movements help with activities of daily living, which tend to decline with age when … Read More

News Briefs February 2024

· · Aging & Independence
Heart Attacks Associated with Accelerated Cognitive Decline Having experienced one or more heart attacks in a lifetime may lead to accelerated long-term cognitive decline, as per a study in JAMA Neurology. The research, led by Johns Hopkins University, aimed to investigate the relationship between myocardial infarction (heart attack) and subsequent … Read More

Effective Medication Management

· · Aging & Independence
Taking medications is a crucial part of managing health for many older adults. If you have a chronic condition, such as hypertension or diabetes, perhaps taking meds has become so routine that you no longer even think about them. Or maybe you’ve been prescribed medications for a new condition or … Read More

Think Positive as You Age

· · Aging & Independence
Getting older means inevitable physical declines and losses that may transform your life. But—as my article on page 4 of this month’s issue notes—you can still turn this stage of your life into a time of growth, meaning, and happiness. To achieve this, you need to be proactive, creative, and … Read More

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