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Hire the Right In-Home Caregiver

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There’s no place like home for many elderly adults, according to a recent survey from the senior care organization Home Instead: about 94 percent of the 1,000 respondents said they wanted to age at home. It isn’t hard to understand why—staying in your own home as you age means staying … Read More

Personality Disorders Can Wreak Havoc on Relationships

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Mental disorders include a wide range of conditions that affect mood, perception, emotion, and behavior. Most common among mental disorders are mood disorders, such as major depression, and anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. But there’s another category of mental disorders—personality disorders—that can interfere with a … Read More

Showing Empathy Leads to a More Cooperative Spirit

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It’s advice that parents have given their children for generations to help them become more empathetic: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes Taking that kind of perspective on situations, especially during situations when your assistance is needed, is much more likely to make you cooperate with that person, according … Read More

Protect Your Summer Fun

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Summer brings with it many pleasures, such as outdoor concerts, afternoons at the beach, leisurely picnics, and walks in parks. Along with all that outdoor splendor are seasonal realities that, if you’re not careful, can spoil summer fun. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Protect Skin from Head to Toe

You’ve heard … Read More