Aging & Independence

How to Best Protect Your Heart

Taking care of your heart is vitally important. Heart disease is a major source of chronic illness and ranks as the number one cause of death in America. Researchers are constantly striving to know more about what improves and what harms the heart. It’s a constantly evolving effort. As new … Read More

Play with Your Grandchildren

Whether playing peek-a-boo with a newborn or taking a road trip with an older child, people who spend leisure time with their grandchildren report feeling younger and more joyful. Higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction are just two benefits of being together, says UCLA geriatric psychologist Alan Castel, PhD, … Read More

Spider and Varicose Vein Complications

For some people, spider and varicose veins can be much more than a cosmetic concern. Left untreated, these purple projections under the skin may occasionally cause serious health problems. According to diagnostic and interventional radiologist Cheryl Hoffman, MD, UCLA Medical Center, sometimes people may not associate what they’re experiencing with … Read More

The Polypill May Cut Heart Disease Risk

Under the best circumstances, it can be difficult to remember to take medication, and the more medications on one’s list, the harder it can become. To help make it easier for patients, researchers have been investigating the use of polypills—one pill that contains multiple medications. So far, the strategy looks … Read More

The Top Option for Varicose Veins

People with varicose veins used to have one treatment option: surgery—and the recovery that came with it. Newer, minimally invasive techniques give patients alternatives with potentially less cost and less downtime, but there hasn’t been as much data on their long-term effectiveness—until now. Head-to-Head Comparison. In the September issue of … Read More

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