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Under the Influence of Ageism

· · Aging & Independence
Remember that old saying, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? Well, that’s not quite true when it comes to ageist comments and behaviors. Consider this: You see a social media post featuring an older couple happily holding hands. The caption reads: “Adorable geezers … Read More

Medication Management

Q: I have several pills to take twice a day to manage my chronic conditions. How can I best manage taking all these? A: In addition to basic pill sorters, there are medication reminder products and services that can help. For example, there are pharmacy services that can sort medications … Read More

Are You Losing Muscle?

· · Aging & Independence
We all lose muscle as we age. Roger A. Fielding, PhD, a professor of biochemical and molecular nutrition at the Friedman School and senior scientist of the Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Sarcopenia Team at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, leads a team of people working to uncover the … Read More

What’s the Right Medical Care for You?

· · Aging & Independence
As you get older, your health-care priorities change, particularly if you develop chronic diseases that cause bothersome symptoms and require specialized treatment. You can best ensure that your medical care focuses on what is important to you by identifying your priorities and sharing them with your family and health-care providers. … Read More

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