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Maintain Your Kidney Health as You Age

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Most people can get by on just one kidney, but don’t let that fact cause you to underestimate their importance. They perform the vital function of filtering excess waste and fluids from the blood. “When blood enters the kidneys via the renal arteries, it progresses through a series of smaller … Read More

Minimizing Dementia Caregiver Burnout

· · Aging & Independence
In the 1960s, the Peace Corps created a public service campaign with the slogan: “It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love”. The idea of an exotic community service adventure attracted many young people to sign up with the Peace Corps. Doing so changed many people’s lives. Being a dementia caregiver … Read More

Help for Seniors

· · Aging & Independence
Q: I was recently widowed, but I want to remain in my home for as long as I can. I’ve never really sought out groups that helpseniors, but I may need some assistance.Where do I start? A: Many communities have governmental or nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping older adults with … Read More

Exercise Slows the Aging Process

· · Aging & Independence
Research conducted at Loma Linda University Health suggests that even small doses of regular exercise in sedentary older adults can have a significant effect in slowing the aging process at the level of molecular gene expression. Recently developed measurements of mRNA expression allowed researchers to discover that short bursts of … Read More

Fueling Physical Activity

· · Aging & Independence
Deciding whether to eat before a workout can be a puzzling question for many fitness enthusiasts. The answer largely depends on the type of workout you plan to do and your overall fitness goals. Healthy Years nutrition expert Dana Hunnes, RD, MPH, PhD, Senior Dietitian Supervisor, UCLA Medical Center, breaks … Read More

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