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woman with alopecia

Updates on a New Alopecia Treatment

· · General Health
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), alopecia areata is a disease of the immune system that attacks your hair follicles. Your immune system is your defense against foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria, but sometimes the immune system mistakes normal body tissues as foreign and attacks them. This … Read More
monkeypox and dna

What Is Monkeypox?

· · General Health
Monkeypox was first diagnosed in humans around 1970 in Central Africa. Early cases were spread from infected monkeys, squirrels, or rodents when humans ate infected meat or handled infected animals. Over time, the virus became able to jump from human to human. For about 50 years, monkeypox only occurred in … Read More
partial seizure brain waves

What Are Partial Seizures?

· · General Health
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a seizure is an abnormal area of activity in the brain. Depending on where the activity is located, there are two main types. If there is abnormal activity on both sides of the brain, it is called a general seizure. If … Read More
general physical exam

Annual Physical Exam Checklist

· · General Health
It can be called an annual physical exam, a general physical exam, or a wellness visit. This visit gives you a chance to connect with your health care provider, update your provider on your health, and plan for future preventive healthcare. Having a physical exam checklist is a good way … Read More

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