About the Author

Susan Jimison Vitek

Susan Jimison Vitek is Executive Editor of Mind, Mood, & Memory, a monthly publication sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston that focuses on the latest developments in mental health. Her regular interviews with outstanding Harvard researchers and medical experts have covered a variety of topics associated with the brain, including mood disorders such as depression, neurodegenerative diseases, aging, nutrition, mental stimulation, the brain benefits of exercise, and more. Jimison Vitek is an experienced journalist who has focused on health issues for a variety of publications, including major national newspapers. Over the years, her writing and editing career has encompassed projects ranging from reporting for national health agencies and pharmaceutical companies to authoring a diet book and documenting the progress of innovative programs for the New York City criminal justice and social service systems.

Articles by Susan Jimison Vitek

A Guide Through Alzheimer’s Stages

People who have Alzheimer’s disease typically go through distinct phases in which symptoms gradually worsen. However, not everyone will go through all of the Alzheimer’s stages, nor progress through them at the same rate. For example, recent research has provided some evidence that in Alzheimer’s disease, the … Read More

Lewy Body Dementia: Outlook and Action Steps

Researchers are exploring new approaches that are increasing scientific understanding of dementia with Lewy bodies (or DLB), also known as lewy body dementia. In one study, the transplantation of stem cells into DLB-damaged areas of the brains of mice revitalized those regions and resulted in dramatic improvements in the animals’ … Read More
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