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Larry Canale

Larry Canale has been editorial director or editor-in-chief of a number of launches in the areas of consumer magazines, newsletters, and websites. During the launch of University Health News, working with Editor-in-Chief Timothy Cole and Belvoir Media Group's team of editors, Canale has been involved in the editing and presentation of our medical and consumer health posts, features, and blogs.

In the past, Canale launched the music magazine Digital Audio (later CD Review) and also spent six years as editorial director of Tuff Stuff Publications, publishing a variety of sports and entertainment magazines, books, and Internet content. He also launched an online magazine for an auction website and, in 2001, served as launch editor of Belvoir's Antiques Roadshow Insider, a monthly publication he edited through 2015.

Canale's byline has appeared in a variety of websites and publications, from NewYorkTimes.com, CIO.com, and TheNationalPastimeMuseum.com to Sports Collectors Digest, Consumer's Digest, Better Nutrition, the children's magazines Odyssey and Faces, and Ski New Hampshire, published by Yankee.

Canale also has authored a number of sports-related books, including two with photography legend Ozzie Sweet: Mickey Mantle: The Yankee Years and The Boys of Spring, both of which were nominated for Casey Award honors as best baseball books of the years 1998 and 2005.

Articles by Larry Canale

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