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Larry Canale

Larry Canale has been editorial director or editor-in-chief of a number of launches in the areas of consumer magazines, newsletters, and websites for Belvoir Media Group. Since early 2019, he has been creating online learning courses for Harvard Health Publishing and Whole Dog Journal

Among the Harvard courses he has produced are Improving Your MemoryImproving Your SleepAn Introduction to Tai ChiKnees and Hips, and, coming in 2020, The Sensitive Gut. Whole Dog Journal courses include Dog Care and Grooming at Home and, coming in 2020, Dog Walking.

Canale was launch editor and content director of University Health News. Working with Belvoir Media Group's team of editors, authors, and marketing associates, he helped create content for 18 popular health categories and 23 free health guides between 2015 and 2018. He also worked with Belvoir’s book division, editing such special health reports as Managing Stress & AnxietyFoot & Ankle HealthManaging Your Blood PressureHeart-Healthy DietManaging Your Cholesterol, and—his favorite subject—Positive Thinking.

Articles by Larry Canale

How Far Does a Sneeze Travel?

As long as we frequent public places—grocery stores, malls, plazas, restaurants, offices, schools, airports, train stations—it’s bound to happen. Someone walking toward us lets loose with a spontaneous sneeze. Can the germs suddenly floating in the air make us sick? To answer that question, let’s first address this one: How … Read More

What Causes Nightmares? 7 Common Triggers

You may remember, as a kid, occasionally waking up in a cold sweat, startled out of your slumber by one of those frighteningly vivid nightmares. Perhaps the experience still pops up from time to time; bad dreams may be more common in children, but adults aren't immune to them. Around … Read More
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