Conquer the stress and anxiety symptoms that are holding you back from the peace and joy you crave


Is stress and anxiety making you anxious, overwhelmed, distracted, and fatigued?

Is it affecting your ability to work, to parent, to have fun, to sleep, or even to exercise? Or, perhaps unbeknownst to you, is it adversely impacting your physical health?

Then hear this: There’s no need to suffer any longer.

Thanks to the latest tools and techniques revealed in Managing Stress & Anxiety, you can see how to overcome and even embrace stress, to become more resilient, and ultimately, live your best life.

Written by the health experts at University Health News, this comprehensive guide helps you get a handle on what may be causing your stress or anxiety. You’ll discover the red flag symptoms that could signal toxic stress. You’ll learn about the often-surprising root causes of stress. And you’ll see how chronic stress could impact your health, leading to heart disease, dementia, diabetes and other conditions.

But more importantly, Managing Stress & Anxiety reveals the latest medical AND self-care steps to help keep stress and anxiety from gaining the upper hand in your life.

You’ll discover the medical therapies that can lead to a dramatic decrease in stress symptoms — cognitive behavioral therapy…biofeedback…psychological first aid…hypnotherapy…and more. You’ll also learn about the latest available medications…how they work…and how you may benefit from them.

Better still, you’ll also find out about research-proven self-care techniques that may help you cope with and dramatically reduce the stress that may be holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest.

You’ll discover how to help short-circuit the vicious cycle of stress, poor sleep, and poor eating habits…the 4-7-8 breathing technique to calm your body and mind… the four meditation steps to help lower anxiety and panic…and the guided imagery technique that can prompt relaxation in any situation.

Plus, you’ll get full details on the best stress-busting foods and drinks…the top 10 herbs shown to reduce stress and anxiety…aromatherapy scents that help melt stress away…plus dozens more specific easy-to-apply techniques to help reduce stress and avoid anxiety.

Don’t let stress and anxiety keep you from enjoying life to the fullest! See how to help custom-tailor your own treatment plan today with the how-to help in Managing Stress & Anxiety.

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