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Holly Strawbridge

Holly Strawbridge has been a freelance writer specializing in medicine and health since 1995. She writes for the general public as well as physician audiences. She specializes in cardiovascular medicine, but writes regularly about virtually all medical and surgical subspecialties in adults and children. Holly currently contributes to several health newsletters produced by Belvoir Media Group and sponsored by major medical centers. Among these are HealthNews, a Duke Health publication for which she serves as cardiopulmonary news editor, Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor and Cleveland Clinic Women’s Heart Advisor, for which she serves as managing editor. She has written two books on heart disease for Belvoir Media Group and updates these books, plus several others, yearly.

Articles by Holly Strawbridge

COPD Treatment Regimens

Even though COPD cannot be cured, it can be treated. COPD treatment is aimed at reducing symptoms, preventing the disease from getting worse, improving the ability to exercise, preventing and treating complications, and preventing and treating exacerbations. Almost every person with COPD will be prescribed a short-acting bronchodilator (either a … Read More

What Is Cerebrovascular Disease?

A cerebrovascular disease is one caused by arteries blocked by a blood clot, bleeding in or around the brain caused by a ruptured blood vessel, and any change in the brain’s blood vessels that alters the normal flow of blood. “Cerebro” refers to the brain and “vascular” pertains to blood … Read More
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