Managing Your Blood Pressure comes to you from the resources of University Health News, trusted for meaningful guidance to help men and women enjoy fuller, healthier, and longer lives.

Managing Your Blood Pressure will show you how to win the numbers game. You’ll discover strategies that will significantly and successfully lower your blood pressure. The Report is packed with guidance that is practical, specific, and most of all, effective.

This Report shares the importance of disarming this “silent killer.” You’ll read how by lowering blood pressure you can boost your body’s defenses against stroke, heart attack, and even dementia.

You’ll get smart tips for turning around your numbers. You’ll be introduced to a delicious diet that can reduce blood pressure within 14 days. You’ll find proven ways to lessen harmful stress…the exercises with greatest pressure-easing benefits…and more.

You’ll meet the best choices in home monitors. You’ll find how to overcome “white coat” hypertension. And you’ll get candid assessments of today’s blood pressure medications to enable you to work with your doctor to choose a regimen best tailored to your needs.

For the fullest perspective and information you can put to use with confidence, order your copy of Managing Your Blood Pressure today.

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