Guide to Stroke: 2020 comes to you from the resources of University Health News, trusted for meaningful guidance to help men and women enjoy full, healthy, and enriching lives.

You CAN protect yourself against the causes and consequences of stroke! It’s a fact.  As never before, the tools and know-how are available for you to prevent a stroke…to be prepared to respond to a stroke…and to prevail over a stroke’s effects.

In this “take charge” new report you will read about the latest advances in the prevention and treatment of stroke. You’ll learn the warning signs.  And you’ll find what you can do right now to reduce the risks and repercussions of a brain attack.

You’ll learn that most causes of stroke are controllable and correctable. You’ll read about diagnostic techniques to isolate areas of concern.  And you will be poised to work with your physician to measurably reduce your vulnerability to a stroke.

The report will give you crucial insight into immediate treat-ment options that are effectively improving outcomes. You’ll learn about new clot-busting therapies …breakthroughs in aneurysm repair…and techniques to reopen blocked arteries.

You find helpful and compassionate guidance for post-stroke recovery. You’ll learn how to select the appropriate specialists and therapists …four things that can speed a fuller recovery… and how to tailor a rehabilitation program to individual needs.

You can strengthen your defenses against stroke. You can dramatically lessen your risk factors.  You can protect your loved ones with vigilant awareness and confident readiness.

Don’t wait. Send for your copy of Guide to Stroke: 2020 today!

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