Give your skin the care it deserves!


A new report from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA details how you can prevent sun damage, offset aging, and improve the appearance of your skin! It’s called Skin Care: Advances in Prevention & Treatment of Skin Cancer and Other Skin Disorders. And you can order a copy now, risk-free.

In this instructive and revealing report, you’ll discover how you can safeguard your skin’s health with defenses that fight aging and keep you looking good. Plus, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about today’s latest advances against skin cancer, and other skin diseases that can cause embarrassment or discomfort.

The fact is that most age-related skin conditions are treatable-and preventable–if you take action early enough. That means learning what to look for and knowing what to do when you find an area of concern. With this Report you will gain essential practical knowledge that can, quite literally, save your skin.

You’ll discover that there is something new under the sun. You’ll learn about the one (and only) sunscreen ingredient that gives you protection against both UVA and UVB rays. You’ll see how-for pennies-you can increase the SPF protection of the clothes you already own. And you’ll read about the results of a new study that names three skin treatments that actually do improve skin appearance.

Order your copy today, risk free!

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