Enjoy the daily benefits of a stronger core

Introducing Easy Exercises for Core Fitness!

Everything begins with your core. If you’re reading this sitting down or standing up, your core muscles are helping to maintain your posture. Weak or strong, core muscles affect almost every movement throughout your day and even some at night, such as turning over as you sleep. While muscle strength in your arms and legs is also important, your core muscles support these vital movements.

Like all muscles, to keep your core working at its best you need to use and exercise it properly. Easy Exercises for Core Fitness from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine shows how. To get you started, the report will help you identify common signs of weak core muscles. It also informs you on the dangers of ignoring your core and the potential impact on your balance and flexibility. From there, you’ll be able to develop and maintain your own exercise program to improve your core strength.

Learn how simple, everyday resistance training can improve overall mobility. As your mobility improves, you’ll gain confidence and get back to doing more of things you enjoy like gardening, tennis, and playing with your grandchildren. A stronger core also improves your balance so daily activities like walking down a flight of stairs don’t result in a fall and serious injury.

Before starting a core fitness exercise regimen, you may have some questions. What should you wear to work out? How often should you exercise? How hard? What equipment will you need? Easy Exercises for Core Fitness answers all these questions and more, including information on how to prevent, recognize, and treat common minor injuries that can be associated with this type of program.

Become stronger, more flexible, and live more independently, regardless of your age. Order your copy of Easy Exercises for Core Fitness today!

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