If joint pain sometimes makes you think twice…

Take the first step toward a lifetime of relief from joint pain now!

Discover how men and women—just like you—are energizing and dramatically improving their joint health forever!


It’s easy to say that joint pain is a fact of life.  It’s not.  And it certainly should not be part of yours!  If joint pain has ever made you pause, don’t wait!  Send for this new report today!

Wake without the aches!  Enjoy each day to its fullest!

Unaddressed, joint pain will hamper your mobility and dampen your ability to do all the things you love to do.  It can be more than distracting and discouraging.  It can be debilitating.  You don’t have to let joint pain get the best of you!

In Easy Exercises for Bones & Joints you’ll read about…

  • 2 things to do now to boost joint strength and range-of-motion.
  • the startling risk factor for ankle pain that you can fully control!
  • a no-cost option for a torn meniscus.
  • the joint ailments that popular imaging tests too often miss.
  • 7 surprising ways to prevent the agonizing pain of sciatica.
  • the condition that strikes older women twice as often as men.
  • the new therapy that could transform knee osteoarthritis treatment!

You can achieve stronger bones and steadfast joint fitness!

This valuable new guide will show you how to confidently address both sudden and chronic sources of joint pain.  You’ll learn how to reduce—and potentially eliminate—pain in your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and wrist.

This report is the latest release in UCLA Health’s acclaimed Stay Fit series.  It is encompassing and empowering.  It offers clarity, encouragement, and, most important, direction.  You will discover…

…practical strategies to quickly quell joint pain.  You’ll get welcome relief from the aches of shoulder tendinitis and the stiffness of knee arthritis.  You’ll learn the safest injection for hip pain… the smartest approach to a herniated disc… and a two-step solution to ease foot pain.

…breakthrough advances to restore lasting joint health.  You’ll  meet procedures with longer-term benefits and shorter recoveries.  You’ll find a new surgical option for rotator cuff tears… two altern-atives to total knee replacement… durable artificial hips… and more.

…tips to solidify renewed joint flexibility and fitness.  You’ll make all the right moves!  The report shares 17 foods that protect you against joint aches and inflammation.  Plus, you’ll find 24 easy-to-master exercises to keep your joints strong, limber, and pain-free!

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