Now you can help put the brakes on aging by eating right and moving more!

The nutrition experts at Tufts reveal how to stay active and independent for life.

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Dear Friend,

Just because you’re celebrating another birthday doesn’t mean you have to “grow old.” In fact, you can help shave off as many as 10 years’ worth of aging with just regular physical activity! And when you fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods you’ll also help to prevent health problems that can make you “feel old.”

To help you live a healthy, active life, the editors of Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter created an all-new report called Eat Well and Exercise. This comprehensive report brings you all the latest research and findings on everything you need to know so you can enjoy all life has to offer.

You’ll discover hundreds of surprising facts about nutrition and exercise, like:

  • Why sitting is considered the new smoking—it affects you even if you workout regularly
  • How to reduce your risk of falling with exercise
  • 4 nutrients that help keep your mind sharp as you age
  • How walking can help protect brain health even in those who already have signs of memory loss
  • The best exercises for building muscle, improving balance and even keeping your arteries from “hardening”, otherwise known as atherosclerosis
  • And more

You’ll find the latest information on how foods affect your body and the nutrients you need as you age. For example:

  • The best foods to eat after exercise—they help preserve muscle mass
  • How to choose healthy carbs that can fuel your body for exercise
  • The type of fat that’s the number one cause of clogged arteries
  • How to calculate the amount of protein your body needs—and why you may not be getting enough
  • How to cook certain vegetables so they can help lower your cholesterol
  • How what you eat and how you move could put you at risk for osteoporosis

And that’s not all. You’ll find sample menus that show you how to get more nutrients from less food, 6 fruits and veggies that could help with weight control, 12 common pantry items that could ruin your health, healthy snacks that really help tide you over between meals, and so much more!

You’ll even get tips for how to start an exercise program that reveals things like:

  • Why it’s important to keep exercise fun—you’re less likely to reward yourself with indulgent foods
  • 4 great ways to warm up—and the type of stretching NOT to do
  • A sample walking program that helps you gradually increase your distance and pace
  • Why walking too slowly can actually increase back pain
  • How regular physical activity may reduce your need for medications

Discover 2 of the most powerful Age-Fighting Secrets!

Staying active and eating right are the best ways to fight disease and prevent the problems that can make you “feel old.” With Tufts’ Eat Well and Exercise you’ll have the information you need to stay active and independent for life.

Eat Well And Exercise is available to you at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere. The cost is a very small price for information that can make such a large difference in your life or that of a loved one. Order today and if the report doesn’t match your expectations, let us know and we’ll fully refund your money, no questions asked.

Now you can discover the secrets that can help you hold on to the vigor and vitality of your youth with this all-new report from the experts at Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter.

So, come and get it! Send for your risk-free copy of Eat Well And Exercise today!

To your good health,

Timothy H. Cole
Editorial Director

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