What is memory? How does it work? Why do we lose it?

Find the research – and the answers – in this brand new report from the medical experts at Massachusetts General Hospital: COMBATING MEMORY LOSS.

Misplaced car keys? Forgetting why you walked into a room? Not being able to place a familiar face? Could it be simple forgetfulness…or the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

Now, an all-new report from Massachusetts General Hospital, COMBATING MEMORY LOSS, can help put your mind at ease with the latest news, updates, research, advances and strategies you can use to fight memory loss. You’ll learn about:

  • Alzheimer’s drugs: how they work…and why. And their side effects.
  • Updates on current studies and future treatments.
  • What are the markers for Alzheimer’s disease…and how does it begin?
  • What are your risks?

Discover the most useful information and statistics from one of the leading hospitals in the country, Massachusetts General Hospital. Page through this valuable reference and discover how to help protect and prepare your loved ones – and yourself!

Order the new edition of COMBATING MEMORY LOSS today!

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