Before you take another bite – open your eyes to what you put in your mouth!

Could you accidentally be using the popular salad dressing that prevents your body from absorbing vital nutrients?

Are you inadvertently drinking “diet” sodas that do the opposite of what they promise – and may actually make you gain weight?

And are you missing out on delicious hidden sources of calcium – like the pancake mix featured in our recent brand-name comparison of calcium-fortified foods?

Since 1977, we have been guiding our readers to make the best choices for their whole environment of nutrition. That means we will be right beside you as you navigate making food choices that affect your health and that of your environment. Our focus is helping you to avoid all of the pitfalls that can occur when you make the wrong food and nutrition decisions. We want to keep you fit, active, and healthy, as you read Environmental Nutrition for years to come.

Because Environmental Nutrition carries no advertising and doesn’t answer to any food manufacturers, we’re free to name names and point fingers.

We look at the nutritional choice you face at the grocery store and your local drugstore. When you stop at McDonald’s or Starbucks. When you grab a snack at a vending machine or airport snack bar, or shop for a weight-loss diet among the best-selling books and programs.

Our mission is to keep you fully informed so you can make safe, smart food choices and home and on the go – everywhere your health is on the line.

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