Pain relief: Headache causes, migraines, spinal stenosis, sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain and more.

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At some point, everyone feels pain. You may be bothered by sciatic nerve pain. It could be upper back pain. You may be one who has migraine symptoms. It could even be a bout of gout. Pain can strike from head to toe.

In some cases, pain serves a necessary purpose, as when it alerts you to an injury. But far too often, pain serves no useful function. It lingers, causing needless suffering and interfering with your ability to enjoy life and function normally.

The key to overcoming pain is understanding pain…to pinpointing and preventing its causes…and to knowing which treatments will bring you the most immediate and lasting pain relief.

Pain Relief: Headache causes, migraines, spinal stenosis, sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain and more is a fact-filled guide that shows you how to successfully target and treat the most common forms of pain. You’ll be briefed on smart, safe choices in pain relievers…effective complementary medicines…ways to quell pain quickly and lessen its recurrence.

What is fibromyalgia? How can you ease spinal stenosis without surgery? Is there a link between migraine symptoms and stroke? When should you consider a joint replacement? What drug is best for a severe “throbbing” headache? The answers are all in the guide.

You can end pain’s reign starting today! There’s no need to put up with chronic aches and pains. Download Pain Relief now. It’s yours absolutely free!

If you would like to know—right now…

  • Three surprising migraine “trigger” foods
  • When to use heat—and when to use cold—to relieve pain.
  • The ideal exercise environment for people with painful joints
  • Are men or women more likely to suffer a tension headache.
  • The vitamin deficiency that can cause nerve pain (and how to avoid it.)
  • Which painkillers are most likely to cause a rebound headache (and safer alternatives)

just continue to read…

You’ll learn headache causes…why backs go bad…why joints ache as we age…AND how you can enjoy relief that’s safe and lasting.

In many ways headache causes are a reflection of the lives we lead. For tension headaches, stress is the most precipitating factor (followed by missed meals, lack of sleep, and fatigue.) Migraines have many of same triggers. In addition, foods (such as chocolate, aged cheeses, and processed meats) can prompt a migraine attack.

The Guide will explain why men are more prone to cluster head-aches, but women to a tension headache. You’ll know when head-aches warrant a call to the doctor and the value of a headache diary.

If you’ve ever said “my aching back” you’ll want to read Pain Relief. You’ll learn why backs hurt so often. You’ll read what distinguishes a sprain from a strain. You’ll find the most common underlying cause of spinal stenosis and how a doctor will test for a pinched nerve.

You’ll be briefed on joint pain. What causes bursitis…the symptoms of facet joint syndrome… fibromyalgia symptoms … and who is at greatest risk for osteoarthritis. You’ll learn about nerve pain—from sciatica pain to shingles pain—why it occurs…and most important…you’ll find out what you can do to halt the aches and pain—now!

As researchers learn more about headache causes as well as the triggers of back, nerve, and joint pain, there are more treatment options than ever. But you need to choose carefully and intelligently.

OTC drugs are the mainstay for mild to moderate pain, but did you know that acetaminophens are more likely than ibuprofen to cause rebound headaches? The report offers a comprehensive guide to today’s popular painkillers and some that are often overlooked.

Do you suffer tension headaches? See page 11 of the guide for a technique to nip it in the bud. Want to ease gout—without corticosteroids? Go to page 24. OTC medicines not enough for your nerve pain? Read page 30 before switching to anything stronger.

And because Pain Relief is brought to you by University Health News, you know that you are getting medical and drug information that is thoroughly researched and 100% honest and impartial. Pain Relief is yours to download free now.

Plus, lasting solutions to stop headache causes…lessen fibromyalgia symptoms…quell kidney pain…and ease spinal stenosis.

There’s more than one or even two ways to conquer pain. As advances are made in deciphering headache causes and the mechanics of pain, doctors are finding a host of new (and some very old) ways to control and lessen its manifestations.

The free guide will show you ways to make your mind-and-body an ally in fighting chronic pain. You’ll learn how to modify your body mechanics for a stronger, pain-free back. You’ll find a mindfulness technique that reduces the frequency of migraine symptoms. And you’ll discover a simple strategy to sidestep carpal tunnel syndrome.

In Pain Relief, University Health News editors share exciting findings in alternative and complementary medicine. You’ll read about…

  • Three “no-pain-AND-no-gain” diets that take away aches and will have you looking great.
  • A “hands-on” therapy that reduces muscle pain
  • The “cluster-buster” treatment that relieves cluster headache pain in just minutes.
  • Five exercises to decrease neck and joint pain.

Your free guide examines new research into headache causes. In it you’ll explore the benefits of yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and topical pain relievers. You’ll be briefed on the merits of biofeedback to alter your body’s reaction to pain. And you’ll find why, if you suffer nerve pain, you might want to ask your doctor about a B12 supplement.

When it comes to pain, you don’t have to grin and bear it. More than ever, relief is at hand—and at your command. Download Pain Relief now. The guide is yours absolutely free!

Stop worrying about headache causes…sciatic nerve pain…degenerative disc disease…and start enjoying pain-free living once more.

From the first page, you’ll appreciate just how practical and useful this Guide is. Whether you’ve contended with migraine symptoms for years or have just been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or a pinched nerve, the Guide will address your pain condition and give you information to speed relief and lessen the risk of recurrence.

Have you wondered whether you should consider back surgery or a perhaps hip replacement for joint pain? You’ll read about advances, about less invasive alternatives, and when to it is best to say “no.”

You’ll learn why a swimming pool is the ideal exercise environment for people with painful joints, plus two smart dry land alternatives. (See page 24). You’ll find how to relieve the discomfort of sciatica. (Page 28). And you’ll be introduced to a just-approved device for the preventive treatment of migraine symptoms. (Go to page 8).

And with the Guide you may be able help and protect a loved one. You’ll learn the symptoms that signal nerve pain is a medical emergency. You’ll be alerted to possible drug interactions. And you’ll find out which common painkiller can cause a serious condition if given to children or teenagers.

Sooner or later we all feel pain. This remarkable guide will empower you to deal with pain effectively when it does occur. You can make pain go away. You can take charge and take control. And you can do it now. Download Pain Relief today. It’s yours absolutely free!

Yours for lasting good health,

Tim Cole, Editorial Director

P.S. What’s the answer as when to use heat and when to use cold for pain relief? Cold packs or cooling sprays can relieve acute pain by numbing nerves around the joint. For chronic pain, heat is more likely to bring relief.

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