Easy Stretches and Exercises for Seniors: How seniors can improve stability and core strength and prevent falls

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No other investment in your health can match the dividends of physical exercise. Exercise will keep you steadier, sharper, healthier, and happier. It can lessen risk of serious illness, postpone signs of aging, and add years of active living to your life.

But which exercises pay the greatest returns? Which can improve your balance without upending your schedule? What six easy exercises will tighten your core and hold your interest? Which exercise programs can pump up your heart without deflating your budget?

This FREE guide constructively—and instructively—highlights 39 essential exercises for seniors. You’ll discover exercises that break the routine, respect your time, and reward your efforts. And most of all, exercises that can protect against age-related illnesses, bolster fitness and mobility, and help you live longer.

The good news is that you don’t have to train for the Ironman to reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that exercise provides. Your golden years can shine more brightly when you build as little as thirty minutes of moderate exercise into your daily schedule.

With exercises for seniors, the goal is to target those fitness components most essential to continued wellness…to build your defenses against a serious disease…and to be able to pursue your favorite activities—energetically and independently.

These are the exercises you’ll meet—and master—in this new Guide from University Health News. It’s yours to download now—absolutely free!

At last! Exercises for seniors that won’t get old after a few days!

Too often exercise becomes boring. We lose interest, we skip days, we find excuses. Not here. You’ll find that these are exercises that will keep you on track and coming back.

Easy Stretches and Exercises for Seniors presents a blend of exercises that promote all-around fitness, reduce the risk of a host of life-shortening dis-eases, boost your ability to fend off infection, as well as keep your mind sharper and spirits higher.

Prepared by master trainers, these exercises for seniors will help you achieve better cardiovascular health, greater muscle power, stronger bones, increased flexibility, and enhanced balance.

You can attain—and maintain—a stronger, more powerful core.

Everything begins with the core. Core fitness is at the center, literally and figuratively, of strength and power. The most important muscles are those in the hips, trunk, shoulders, and neck—the core.

As your core muscles get stronger, daily tasks, as well as pleasurable pursuits, will become easier and more enjoyable too.

In your FREE guide you’ll be introduced to more than sixteen exercises for your core. These exercises are organized in five programs that will enhance strength, balance, and range of motion. Each exercise is accompanied by instructions for reps and sets. Plus you’ll get tips for maintaining form and maximizing each exercise’s benefits.

You’ll build flexibility with exercises that won’t test your patience …or stretch your budget.

Flexibility is the range of motion through which a joint moves. Flexibility controls your ability to follow through on that golf swing, reach the cereal box on the top shelf, or lift and pick up a grandchild.

In Easy Stretches and Exercises for Seniors you’ll learn stretching exercises that will foster flexibility, increase range of motion and enhance mobility. And you’ll appreciate that these exercises don’t require fancy equipment, expensive personal trainers, or hours of time your time

You’ll find quick flexibility-building exercises for seniors that you can do at your desk … exercises that will take the strain out of daily chores…and exercises that will keep you in the game with all your favorite sports.

If you’re 55+ and are not ready to slow down, get this Guide! Download your copy now—it’s yours absolutely free!

Easy Exercises for Seniors is the book you want in your hands if you’re determined to stay steady on your feet!

Did you know that one in every three adults 65 years and older will fall this year, according to the CDC? And more than 90% of all hip fractures are due to falls. Even fear of falling causes many people to restrict their activities.

The Free guide is brimming with exercises you can bank on for better balance! You’ll find a series of simple fifteen minute workouts that can conquer problems of balance and lessen the risks and consequences of a fall.

You’ll learn why your quadriceps muscles are particularly important not only for maintaining equilibrium but for protecting your back when you pick up an object. And, of course, you’ll find exercises that will strengthen your quads, add to your stability, and your confidence.

Six Super Strength and Power Exercises for Seniors

Why train for strength and power? At some point—probably in our mid-30s—we begin to lose muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle function if we don’t engage in a program of strength training that involves all of the body’s major muscle groups.

Fortunately, it is never too late to begin and benefit from a strength training program. With consistent strength training you’ll see results in a matter of weeks, and with continued training, you’ll enjoy benefits that will last a lifetime.

Your FREE guide will introduce you to six strength and power exercises for seniors designed to motivate you and help you build upon your success. With just two to three sessions per week you’ll fortify your muscles, slim your waist, and add tone to your body.

Discover the moves that matter…and the workouts that work. Don’t wait to get your copy of this valuable FREE guide. Download it now.

Aerobic fitness plans that actually “fit” you!

No other component of fitness brings with it so many added benefits. First, it’s good for your heart. Aerobic exercise makes the heart stronger, improves the vascular system, and increases lung capacity. It can increase energy, reduce stress, and expand life expectancy.

The good news is that aerobics doesn’t have to mean treadmills and rowing machines. In your FREE guide you’ll discover aerobics that beat the boredom barrier. You’ll find “no-sweat” alternatives to running that are easier on the body and as good for the heart.

You’ll learn the threshold that makes exercise “aerobic.” You’ll the low-down on warm-ups (and which are worthwhile). And you’ll find the best aerobic exercise plans to work all the major muscle groups.

Think of these exercises for seniors as “routine” maintenance!

In this instructive and illustrated guide you’ll be introduced to 39 exercise routines that will help you maintain fitness, flexibility, and power and keep your entire physical structure working at its best.

Exercise lessens your risk of heart disease and stroke. It lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of certain cancers, strengthens bones, protects joints, and keeps your mind sharp.

This new 38-page Guide reveals how little time it really takes to reap exercise’s health benefits. More than that, it shares exercise routines that you’ll stay with and benefit from for years to come.

Download your Free copy of Exercises for Seniors now!

Yours for lasting good health,

Tim Cole
Editorial Director

P.S. How much time do you need to spend on exercise? According to the CDC, you can enjoy exercise’s rewards with just a half hour of moderately intense activity five days a week. Think—only 30 minutes a day to add years of active, independent living to your life. Now that’s a return on investment!

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