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Lynn Russo Whylly

Lynn Russo Whylly has been executive editor of Belvior’s book division since 2018. In this position, she manages Belvoir’s special health reports, covering such topics as heart health, nutrition, fitness, cancer, sleep, and skin care. She also is executive editor of Weill Cornell Medicine’s Women’s Nutrition Connection newsletter. For this monthly publication, Lynn informs readers on how they can improve their health, reduce the effects of aging, and reduce their risk of life-threatening diseases by consuming a healthy wholesome, whole-foods diet, combined with daily exercise and activity. Lynn has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Iona College. Previously, Lynn wrote health articles for a website on topics as diverse as depression, guillain-barré syndrome, and obesity, and edited sales training materials for all the major pharmaceuticals companies, including Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. Lynn has managed multiple publications, websites, awards programs, and annual conferences. Her work has appeared in or on 50+ national and local magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and websites, and she has spoken at conferences to audiences of 500 people. In 2017, Lynn self-published her first novel, In Fashion’s Web.

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