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Alicia Woodward, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist, is Editor of Gluten Free & More magazine, a Belvoir Media Group title.

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Is Rice Gluten-Free?


Is Rice Gluten-Free?

Rice is a popular grain that is ubiquitous in the gluten-free diet. And rice flour, both white and brown, is a standard ingredient in most commercial gluten-free baked goods and flour blends. That’s good to know if you have gluten intolerance symptoms. So if you’re asking yourself, “Is rice gluten-free?”—the answer is an


Slow Food Movement Counters Fast-Food Culture



Fast food gets a bad rap these days. And for good reason. But what?s the alternative? Slow food, of course.
Eat Healthfully: Go Slow

Shop at farmers? markets or local family farms to appreciate the connection between the land and our food, as well as benefit from unprocessed and unadulterated food.


Dont Let Unexpected Visitors “Spoil” Summer Meals


With summer’s arrival, we begin our traditional warm-weather activities ‘the beach, backyard barbecues’ and foodborne illness. Yes, foodborne illness. Summer is prime time for food “poisoning.” An assessment of risk recently issued in draft form by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) reports that the risk


Steer Clear of Summer Calorie Traps


Summer eats and drinks don’t have to be a dieter’s downfall. Here are some strategies for avoiding summer’s calorie traps:

Beverages. There’s no doubt you need to drink more fluids in the summer. But reaching for a tall glass of pre-sweetened lemonade or a bottle of flavored iced tea is