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Discover how you can benefit from the latest breakthroughs to detect and eliminate the major risk factors of stroke.

Strokes can be deadly. And if you’re fortunate enough to survive a stroke, they can still be debilitating and disabling. A stroke’s impact on you and your family … from speech and thinking skills to rehabilitation and shifts in finances … will be life-changing.

There is GOOD news however. There have never been so many tools available to you to help prevent a stroke, to be better prepared to respond to a stroke and to prevail over a stroke’s effects.

Introducing Stroke: Advances in Prevention and Treatment of Cerebrovascular Disease. This new, “take charge” report from Heart Advisor, in conjunction with the renowned Cleveland Clinic, offers the latest prevention, response and treatment advice and strategies.

  • Ways to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of “silent strokes” by as much as 60 percent.
  • Information experts believe is behind the alarming increase in strokes among people born after 1954 and what can be done to help reverse the trend.
  • Why an endarterectomy is the safer of two choices to reopen carotid arteries in older, symptomatic patients.
  • The corkscrew-shaped device that helps restore blood flow that’s changing how doctors treat ischemic stroke.
  • Stroke symptoms you should recognize immediately and the non-traditional symptoms women are more likely to experience.
  • The four things you and your family can do to further a successful rehabilitation.

Learn from the experts at Heart Advisor and Cleveland Clinic and take the steps needed to prevent a stroke from harming you and your family. Place your risk-free order of Stroke: Advances in Prevention and Treatment of Cerebrovascular Disease now!

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