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Don’t let pain slow you down!

Break free from pain’s grip on your life

Chronic pain can feel like a kind of prison. It can slow you down and even stop you in your tracks, keeping you from the things you want to do. Your life isn’t your own anymore because pain is in charge. But now the experts from Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor reveal how you can finally break free…

Introducing Pain Management: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment. This newly published report gives you a “personal pain prescription” that targets your specific type of chronic pain. It matters. Pain treatments that work for one problem may not work for another.

Learn key facts to help your pain such as:

  • The important differences between acute and chronic pain
  • Symptoms and treatments for herniated discs
  • Ways to “switch off” pain signals in your brain
  • Recognizing migraine headache triggers and how to get relief
  • How acupuncture boosts effectiveness of chronic pain care

Produced in cooperation with Cleveland Clinic’s Pain Management Department, Pain Management is filled with vital information and practical strategies for managing chronic pain, including:

  • Foods to eat…and avoid…to prevent the onset of pain.
  • Today’s medications that keep you moving without pain. You’ll not only read about the benefits but also side effects and other crucial things that can impact your health.
  • If surgery is your best option, you’ll learn important questions to ask your surgical team and ways to prepare for your operation.
  • Why exercises can reduce your pain, even if your joints are achy.
  • The pros and cons of complementary, alternative and integrative approaches.
  • And so much more.

If you want to finally say goodbye to chronic pain, be sure to Pain Management: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment today!

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