A special report published by the editors of

Discover how today’s medical advances are making it possible to successfully prevent — and treat — heart failure!

Every day, doctors and their patients are learning more and more about ways to reduce the risk of heart failure. And the most effective ways to treat it. And at the forefront of this progress are Cleveland Clinic researchers and physicians.

Now you can benefit from this work from the comfort of your own home in the latest edition of Heart Failure: Advances in Prevention and Treatment from the editors of Heart Advisor in cooperation with Cleveland Clinic.

Heart Failure: Advances in Prevention and Treatment offers you proven, state-of-the-art strategies for preventing and treating heart failure. In this new report, you’ll discover:

  • The potential to regenerate dysfunctional or lost heart muscle by harnessing the power of the body’s stem cells
  • How long-term use of statins reduced deaths from heart failure by 43 percent. (The lower the dose, the better)
  • How gene therapy is helping doctors to specifically target treatments in patients with inherited heart failure — potentially reversing the condition
  • Drugs to avoid if you have heart failure: Compare this list with the drugs you are taking
  • The “cholesterol paradox” — and how it impacts both the prevention and treatment of cholesterol levels
  • And so much more!

Learn from the experts at Heart Advisor and Cleveland Clinic and take the steps needed to keep Heart failure from harming you and your family. Place your risk-free order of Heart Failure: Advances in Prevention and Treatment now!

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