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    January 2019


    Chapter 1, The Core Connection, explains what the core is and why it is important to every movement you make every day, all day. The chapter also shows you where these important groups of muscles lie, how they work, and why they are essential for strength, flexibility, and balance. And, …

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    Consulting Editor
    Ellen G. Wilson, PT, Director of Therapy Services, UCLA Health
    Jim Brown, PhD, Executive Editor, Steadman Philippon Research Institute
    Group Directors, Belvoir Media Group
    Diane Muhlfeld, Jay Roland
    Creative Director, Belvoir Media Group
    Judi Crouse
    Belvoir Editor
    Matthew Solan
    Alayna Paquette, Marty Bee, Thinkstock
    Publisher, Belvoir Media Group
    Timothy H. Cole
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