Duke Medicine’s Health News (HN)

Volume 25   •   Number 7  •  July 2019

Oral Health and Alzheimer’s Disease

There’s a good reason that the University of Washington in Seattle runs a Dental Fears Research Clinic. Between 5 and 8 percent of Americans are so fearful that they don’t visit a dentist at all, and another 20 percent wait until it is unavoidable. A growing body of research, however, …

Issue Highlights

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Dan G. Blazer, MD, PhD J.P. Gibbons Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Professor, Department of Commuity and Family Medicine, Duke University Medical Center
Associate Editor
Thomas M. Bashore, MD Professor, Medicine-Cardiology, Duke University Medical Center
Executive Editor
Carrie Adkins-Ali
Creative Director
Judi Crouse
James R. Burke, MD, PhD Angela Frulk, MPH, RD, John R. Guyton, MD Meenal Kheterpa, MD Rebecca Sadun, MD, PhD Jessica Wallis, MPH, RD, LDN
Timothy H. Cole
Duke Medical Advisory Board
Connie Bales, PhD Professor, Medicine-Geriatrics, Diana B. McNeill, MD, FACP Professor, Medicine-Endocrinology Jeffrey Crawford, MD Professor, Medicine-Oncology
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