Anti-Inflammatory Diet Helps Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk

Choosing foods that fight inflammation can help protect your brain from processes that may lead to dementia.

Inflammation is a double-edged sword when it comes to brain health. In the short-term, it is an important aspect of the immune system that protects brain tissue against potentially harmful mi-crobes and pathogens. But when inflammation becomes chronic—especially in older age—it can harm the brain, damaging tissues and increasing risk for memory decline and Alzheimer’s […]

  • lists of pro-inflammatory foods and anti-inflammatory foods are contradictory and inaccurate about oils. Both lists include safflower oils–and it’s unclear why one list is anti and the other is pro. Olive oil is listed as polyunsaturated but of course it is not–it is monounsaturated. These errors in an article like this undermine your credibility.


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