2018 MMM Index

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  • Study Finds Older Adults More Likely to Overshare Than Younger People (Jan., p2)
  • What to Know About Rekindling Romance (Feb., p7)
  • Sad, Serious Life Events May Speed Up Aging of the Body and Brain (June p2)
  • When it Comes to Improving Thinking and
  • Memory, Advancing Age Is Not an Excuse (July, p3)
  • How Changes in Your Senses Can Affect and Reflect Your State of Mind (Nov., p4)

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD/Dememtia)

  • Adhering to Your Afib Medications May Lower your Dementia Risk (Jan., p5)
  • MCI Evaluation Helpful Once Symptoms Arise (Apr., p1)
  • Distorted Memories May Be Comforting for People with Dementia (May p2)
  • Limit or Avoid Alcohol Consumption to Reduce Dementia Risk (May, p5)
  • Staying Fit Helps Lower Dementia Risk Later in Life (May, p5)
  • Proteins’ Role in Hastening Dementia, Dealing with Stress (Aug., p3)
  • Dementia Facts and Myths (Sep., p4)
  • MGH Study: New Nerve Cell Production May Help Combat Alzheimer’s Cognitive Impacts (Nov., p3)

Brain Health

  • Video Games May Actually Be Good for the Brain…Even Among Seniors (Feb., p2)
  • Better Balance Boosts Brain Health (Feb., p4)
  • Research: Poor Fitness Associated with Brain Cell Damage (Apr., p1)
  • MGH Researchers Discover Brain Changes Linked to Common, Challenging Brain Disorder (Apr., p3)
  • How Supportive Social Networks Help Promote a Healthier Brain (Apr. p4)
  • Synesthesia Research May Unlock Clues About Autism, Other Conditions (June, p3)
  • Are You Getting Enough Sleep? (June, p6)
  • Adopt These 7 Habits for a Healthier Brain (July, p1)
  • Easily Distracted? Struggle to Start and Finish Projects? It Could Be ADHD (Aug., 1)
  • MGH’s ‘Alzheimer’s in a Dish’ Research Reveals More About Neuroinflammation (Oct., p3)

Depression/Mood Disorders

  • Exercise May Help Protect Against and Reduce Depression (Jan., p1)
  • Researchers Study Relationship Between Inflammation and Depression (Jan., p6)
  • Only One-third of People Diagnosed with Depression Start Treatment (Apr., p2)
  • Anxiety May Actually Protect You From a Heart Attack (May p2)
  • Is It Sadness or Depression? (Sep., p1)
  • Clearing the Hurdles: How to Overcome Obstacles in Depression Treatment (Oct., p4)
  • Holiday Blues Busters: Know the Triggers and Solutions for Emotional Letdowns This Season (Nov., p1)
  • How to Recognize an Anxiety Disorder and Get the Help You Need (Dec., p1)


  • Natural Anxiety Remedies Include Supplements, Exercise, and More (Feb., p3)
  • Sleeping Longer Improves Diet (Mar., p2)
  • Leafy Greens May Help Support Memory (Mar., p5)
  • Healthy Diet May Help Preserve Brain Volume, Thinking Skills (July, p5)
  • Nutrient-Rich Diet May Help with Depression Prevention and Treatment (Dec., p3)

General Health

  • Life’s Simple 7 Benefit Brain and Heart Health (Jan., p1)
  • Tai Chi Exercises Benefit Body and Mind (Jan., p3)
  • Breathing Exercise May Reduce Your Stress and Ease Other Symptoms (May, p7)
  • Study: Dancing Boosts Fitness and Mood of Older Adults (June, p1)
  • Controlling Your Blood Pressure May Lower Your Dementia Risk (June, p5)
  • Fighting with a Spouse May Make Chronic Pain Worse (July, p1)
  • How Much Exercise Do You Need to Boost Thinking Skills? (Sep., p1)


  • Be Mindful of How Alcohol Affects Memory and Aging (Jan., p4)
  • Maintaining Close Friendships May Keep Memory Sharper (Jan., p5)
  • Production Effect Helps You Remember New Information (Feb., p5)
  • Are Your Memory Lapses the Result of Mild Cognitive Impairment or Something Else? (May, p3)
  • Sleep On It: How Your Brain Organizes Memories and New Information Overnight (June, p1)
  • “Exergaming” May Help Improve Thinking, Memory Among Older Adults (July, p5)
  • Are They Faulty Memory or False Memories? (Aug., p4)
  • Learn These Strategies to Rescue Your Recall (Dec., p4)

Mental Health

  • 4 Benefits of a Healthy Relationship (Feb., p1)
  • Coloring Books Helpful, but Not the Same as Therapy (Feb., p1)
  • Unlocking Dementia’s Role in Mental Illness (Mar., p4)
  • How Are You Managing Stress? (May, p1)
  • Know Your Family’s Mental Health History (May, p4)
  • Memory, Thinking Skills Benefit When You
  • Live in a Joyful Environment (July, p7)
  • MGH Study: Two Stress Treatments Effective in Different Ways (Sep., p3)
  • Take Steps at Home to Improve Your Mood (Sep., p6)
  • Resilience: Boost Your Ability to Bounce Back (Oct., p1)


  • Risk Factors Rising Among Stroke Patients Despite Public Education Efforts (Jan., p2)
  • MGH Research May Lead to Expanded Use of Clot-busting Drug in Stroke Treatment (July, p4)


  • Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help Protect Women’s Memory (Jan., p2)
  • Research Helps Identify How Alcohol and Drug Abusers Find Sobriety (Jan., p4)
  • Near-Infrared Light Therapy Shines as Possible Depression Treatment (Feb., p4)
  • Is It Time to Think About Therapy? (Mar., p1)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Helps You Thrive After Difficult Times (Mar., p4)
  • Who’s Who in Mental Health Treatment (Mar., p7)
  • Migraine Home Remedies for Symptom Relief and for Headache Prevention (June, p4)

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