7. Diseases and Disorders of the Pancreas

The pancreas is a six-to-eight-inch-long organ that extends horizontally behind the stomach near the upper portion of the small intestine. It supports the small intestine by producing enzymes needed to help digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Its other major role is producing the hormones insulin and glucagon. Both hormones work together to help maintain a […]

  • I have pancreatic cancer which was discovered in July 2017 due to a blocked tube which carries bile to the intestines via the pancreas. A stent was placed in the tube to open it up which also removed the yellow color from my body and face. When this was done, a mass was discovered in the pancreas that was determined to be cancerous. Further, lesions were found on my liver as well which placed me in Stage 4 cancer. I was 81 when this was discovered. Immediately, I was placed on chemotherapy which has worked well. The lesions on the liver have been removed due to the chemo. The cancer in the pancreas has shrunk from the marker (carbohydrate antigen 9-19) from 8000 to 125 and appears to still be shrinking. The shrinkage has also been validated by Pet Scan tests. I know pancreatic cancer in most cases is not curable, but can be controlled to extend life. I suppose there is a chance to last a number of years if the chemo stays effective. I am grateful for this chance. It is planned to continue chemo every 2 weeks with an infusion of about 3 hours injecting drugs for nausea as well as cancer treatment drugs. The infusion for me has not been bad. I seem to tolerate it very well. As time goes by, I will comment to you on progression. I would also appreciate any information you might be aware of in this process. I am a retired chemical engineer with 40 years in the oil and gas industry with a major company. I worked as an expert in the environmental field beginning when the environmental field first opened up before EPA was formed. I loved my job and became the guru of the United States for the company in my last 13 years of employment. What fun.


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