4. Diseases and Disorders of the Stomach

The stomach, which lies on the upper left side of the abdomen, is where the digestive process begins. The stomach and its walls are made of layers of mucous membrane, connective tissue, and muscle fibers. The average stomach is about a liter in volume when empty (this varies depending on a person’s size and gender), […]

  • I have long term chronic nonerosive antral gastrititis have been on several PPI’s, which has partially healed or improved my gastritis. I read a great deal about gastritis online to educate myself. I had hoped this report would shed more light or more information on this issue, but this report said only take PPIs, H2 reducers, etc. I have read these recommendations on multiple free websites. I feel Ripped Off to spend $19 for information that is so readily available free of charge. While I enjoy my Mind Memory Publications, I will not be quick to purchase another UHN Health report!!!


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