Ask the Doctor: Dizziness; Fit and Fat; Depression Risk

Q:I sometimes feel dizzy when I stand up. What might be causing that? A: It’s possible you have a condition called orthostatic hypotension (OH), which is a type of low blood pressure that occurs upon standing and can result in feeling dizzy. When you stand up, especially quickly from a lying down position, gravity causes blood […]

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  • I am having episodes of lightheadedness on a regular basis, not just when I stand up. I have tried to increase my hydration but that did not help much if at all. I read an article and increased my sodium intake for a week or two and eventually, that was the best I have felt for a while without the “foggy” head and lightheadedness. After a short 3 day trip and flying 2 days, I was a little dehydrated but am coming out of that now. I am 78 years of age and do some exercise almost daily. I am 5′ 11” tall and weigh 186. When I started to notice this 2 years ago, I went to my family doctor and his diagnosis was “old age”. There must be a reason for it and also a cure.


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