Mount Sinai School of Medicine Report on Alzheimer’s Disease


January 2019

From The Editor

Scientists have been struggling to untangle the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease for over 100 years. Periodically, news headlines herald what seems like a breakthrough. But with no cure and not even a treatment that can significantly slow down the inevitable decline in mental function, you may doubt that any progress …

Report Highlights

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Consulting Editor
Judith Neugroschl, MD, Assistant Professor, Alzheimeru2019s Disease Research Center, Department of Psychiatry, Icahn School of
Medicine at Mount Sinai
Lynne Christensen
Group Directors, Belvoir Media Group
Diane Muhlfeld, Jay Roland
Creative Director, Belvoir Media Group
Judi Crouse
Editor, Belvoir Media Group
JoAnn Milivojevic
Publisher, Belvoir Media Group
Timothy H. Cole
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