weight loss diet

“Best Diet”: Is There Such a Thing?

The combination of that bulging muffin-top, those sore joints, and your lack of energy signals the pressing need to lose weight. Turning yourself into a calorie counter might help, but wouldn’t a respected weight-loss diet get you there more easily? So shouldn't you adopt one of those "best diet" plans? … Read More

Best Weight-Loss Tips: 5 to Remember

Looking to change your diet because you need to lose weight? Your intentions may be good, but it’s unrealistic to think you can wake up one morning and instantly change the way you eat. Instead of a complete overhaul of your diet, set out to make a few small changes—ones … Read More

Is This the Best Diet Ever or Is hCG Dangerous?

With hCG diet centers popping up all over the country, hCG diet drops appearing everywhere, and some natural health practitioners and integrative physicians even offering the hCG diet to their patients, many people want to know more about this latest diet craze. What kind of evidence is there that the … Read More

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