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Early Signs of Dementia

It is well documented in scientific literature that aging is associated with certain cognitive changes. As we get older, we experience some gradual decline in conceptual reasoning, memory, and processing speed, but these changes don’t keep us from going about our normal activities. Dementia, on the other hand, can significantly … Read More

Probiotics Are One of the Best Memory Supplements

Probiotics have become so popular they can be found on most grocery store shelves and are now touted in popular dairy products, such as yogurt. While most people connect probiotics with better digestive health, scientists are finding healthy gut bacteria also play a powerful role in brain health and even … Read More

The Best Food to Improve Memory

Foods have the amazing potential to alter your brain health and function. Based on current research, green tea is very likely the world’s best food to improve memory and, for the first time, scientists have figured out just how it works. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, led by researchers from … Read More

Wondering How to Improve Memory?

Ever ask why you’re here…you know, your purpose in life? It’s a question that could improve your memory and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s. Recent research found people who reported a purpose in life enjoyed better cognition and memory than their more aimless counterparts. What’s more, post-mortem autopsies showed their … Read More

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