tightness in chest

Tightness in Chest: Does It Always Signal a Heart Attack?

It may be a classic heart-attack symptom, but pressure or discomfort or tightness in your chest doesn’t always accompany a heart attack. For some people, particularly women, pain in other places may be their main symptoms. For others, chest discomfort comes and goes—the result of a condition called angina, which … Read More

Mild Heart Attack Symptoms: What Do They Mean?

What is a "mild heart attack"? You may have heard the expression and wondered exactly what it means. A bone can have a hairline fracture or a major break. A stroke can have relatively minor consequences or be severely debilitating. So can a heart attack be mild or major? The … Read More

Is This the Best Diet Ever or Is hCG Dangerous?

With hCG diet centers popping up all over the country, hCG diet drops appearing everywhere, and some natural health practitioners and integrative physicians even offering the hCG diet to their patients, many people want to know more about this latest diet craze. What kind of evidence is there that the … Read More

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