the aging process

The Role of Inflammation in Fatigue

As a doctor, I hear this question a lot. When a patient asks me, “Why am I tired all the time?” I think of inflammation. It may surprise you, as it does many of my patients, that you could have a problem with inflammation and not even know it, and … Read More

Balance Exercises for Seniors

There’s no way around it: As time passes, we tend to lose muscle mass, our organs tend to function less efficiently, and our risk of disease increases. The good news is that there is a lifestyle change we can make to mitigate these risks, and it involves exercise—particularly balance exercises … Read More

Brain Vitamins: Do They Work?

The statistics on vitamin and other dietary supplement use in the United States are staggering, and the numbers appear to be on the rise. A 2016 CRN Consumer Survey showed the percentage of Americans taking dietary supplements—everything from multi-vitamins to "brain vitamins" to calcium pills to weight-loss supplements—to be at … Read More

Black Currant Benefits For Your Brain

I love this time of year because my garden is full of delicious, ripe berries. By now, you probably know that berries are good for you; blueberries and raspberries have a whole host of health benefits, including improving heart health and slowing down the aging process. But while most of … Read More

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